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  1. This is the first remix with lyrics that i like. The "its-a-me" part made me laugh. Good job. well done. Keep it up.
  2. I think this is done very well and the female voice is awesome but I'm still amazed that people insist on having rap in a re-mix. If the original song is an instrumental then the re-mix should have no lyrics as well. Nine times out of ten the song gets ruined. I do like the sound quality of the song and the sound effects. Good job!
  3. Pretty good. Just a tad busy with the percussive bongo hits in the background, but done really well.
  4. sounds like a bunch of white guys trying to rap. Thanks for ruining the song. Would have been better as an instrumental. Isn't that the majority of video game songs and soundtracks? Mostly all of them have no lyrics. There's a reason for it. If this version of this song was actually in the game, I'd return the game.
  5. Now where did i put those glow sticks? Great mix. It has an awesome atmosphere to it.
  6. Great work on this! Awesome sound and excellent playing technique. Definitely one for the top ten list.
  7. no bad but use a real drummer. Or at least better drum sounds. The drum beats are put together well but the sound quality sucks.
  8. nice groove. Get's a bit choppy toward the end but ends nicely. Overall, really good.
  9. i think the song is good. i don't think there are "too many beats" as other's have said. Beaing a drummer i can appreciate the fast drum fills in the middle of the song. But it's not like there are several layers of different rythms clashing into each other. I like the synths. i'd give it 4 out of 5 stars.
  10. Great mix. I'd say the only thing i do not like is the constant volume swells of the choir (voices) ah's. Other than that, awesome.
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