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  1. I have to settle for freeware games like this. http://mattmakesgames.com/games.php Untitled Story is awesome if you're looking for Platformers.
  2. Ah, I hope she shares Aerith's Lyrics with OCR too. I much prefer that song being an Aerith follower.
  3. The best thing I've heard come out of OCRemix for a long time. I thank you for the bottom of my heart for sharing it with me.
  4. Did you and I watch the same movie? If anything Langdon tries to prevent people from dieing. To my recollection, he only screwed up once. The rest happened out of his control. And for the record, he's a pretty realistic protagonist.
  5. A bit disappointed by the quality of Aeirth's Theme, as being my favorite song of all time. I do however love everything else. Scratch that. What the hell was that "Still Alive" song? They butchered it this year. Love the orchestra but who was that that sang? At some parts, she was amazing, but it doesn't measure up to the last rendition of the song.
  6. The piano kinda drifted off there towards the end. The singing was grand to listen to, but something felt off about it (can't say what.) You should play with the volumes of your voice and your piano. Take my advice with a grain of salt, as I know little about these things.
  7. I love the song, The Beginning and the End. I ask though, is it possible for this song to receive the remix it deserves? Or is it one of those songs, perfect as it is? I'm not talking about syncing, techno, or metal. What I speak of are choir and orchestra. A work as good as the song itself. File: http://senduit.com/0a803c All I ask is that you listen to this song. Thank you.
  8. Oh whats this? Liquid orgasm in a song? Droplets of Ambrosia colored color? Or perhaps an awesome heart shattered into a thousand pieces, the reformed to make one of the best songs I've ever heard. Should there be a reason to keep remixing, this is it. I mean, this blows the original out of the water. Never have I felt so enthralled, so inspired, so in love with a song. Some moments built up to a fantastic jubilee that ascended my soul. I say sir, awesome remix.
  9. I believe the song Prayer should get a remix. It's a powerful song that deserves more the fifty-eight seconds it gets in this game. inPIDN60-RI http://www.filedropper.com/castlevaniasymphonyofthenighttrack05prayer Enchanted Banquet. One of the best boss fight songs you'll ever hear. cYDm0hUWCcA http://www.filedropper.com/castlevaniasymphonyofthenighttrack23enchantedbanquet
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