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  1. Is You Tube really that out of touch? How can they not know what OCRemix is about. This whole debacle has got to be the work of some moderator over there that is living under a rock.
  2. I would like to personally thank you for making a Boktai remix, its an unappreciated masterpiece of a game. You are are officially a hero in my book.
  3. Hi, First off I like to say I am a big fan of the ocremixes and I check in every week for new songs. I especially love Megaman music and give an applause to all the re mixers of them. There is one game series that I would really like to see represented here though, Boktai. Personally I feel the series was great, but due to the solar senor gimmick it never caught on, at least not in the states. I would love to see Hideo Kojima's vampire hunter classic for the GBA represented here. If I could have any one track in particular, it would be the world theme in Boktai 2. It has the feel of a western adventure as well as an epic journey.
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