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  1. enjoy another year of living you metal bastard
  2. Just because "the hardcore" haven't solved the problem doesn't mean a new solution is better just because it's new. This P2P system solves nothing and creates more problems. Case in point, Quake Live. It uses a skill based match making system that is supposed to solve the problem of "huge skill level disparities". It doesn't work at all. People still complain because other people are "too good". There are still botters who are running up the leaderboards. People don't really talk unless it's to berate someone for being too good or not good enough. And then add the fact that people are now complaining about not enough maps and how they want new game types. How are things better? However all of these problems are forgivable for Quake Live because it's in beta. They are trying to fix these problems, and moreover when they come out of beta they will release with dedicated server support because in the end dedicated servers are the best option we have at the moment for pc shooters. I'm not saying it's the best solution we will ever have, but I have yet to see any evidence once so ever that P2P is anything but inferior.
  3. Then let us be thankful you don't aren't in charge of any game development. Cheating isn't going away on pc titles, people still cheat with VAC and they will cheat with the new system. The "problem" of insular communties will be replaced with the problem of dealing with thousands of 12 year olds calling me a fag every time I kill them, which is exactly how it works when I play on Xbox Live. Huge skill level disparities isn't a problem. As long as your game has some semblance of depth, there will be huge skill level disparities.
  4. JoeFu knows his stuff, he is 100% right and I can't believe how quick people are to accept a worse setup for online gaming. This isn't something like "oh you don't know how it will be until it comes out" things, we got away from P2P FPS playing for a reason. The only logical reason why IW is doing this is for money and control. Yeah I know "ALL COMPANYS WANT TO MAKE MONEY" but that doesn't change the fact that the game will be worse because of it.
  5. hey who found out about my secret strategy
  6. I'm not entirely sure why you should have to stick with one race if random is allowed.
  7. Alex Valle vs Justin Wong SF4 money match at evo I'd say theres lots of hype.
  8. bleck you really are the worst poster when it comes to anything video game related
  9. pretty much if you love roller coasters ohio is the place you wanna come to at least once to ride everything at cedar point
  10. hey hey to be fair it was final fantasy 11 not 8
  11. It's not JUST about hours played, it's also about being able to learn from your mistakes proper competition etc. etc. If you have a person on one side who spent 40 hours just playing his friends and a person on the other side who spent 40 hours at the arcades in japan playing really good people and being able to watch first hand what great players do, the second person will win every time over the first person.
  12. All you people talking about cheapness and what not should go here and read. It's a bunch of articles written by Seth Killian, who works at Capcom now.