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    I love video games, and especially the music from them, i love the music here from OcRemix, so i decided to join to review music, learn about it, meet some new friends, and maybe somehow participate in something if i can learn enough in the line of music to do something.
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  1. Yeah, but it is a pain is going after culex, without the extra special armors or "Lazy shell" items (Attack+Defence) It took me so many times to get culex. Then again I was Using mainly geno and mario to attack while peach healed the rest (That tatic doesnt work as well as i thought it would back then). And i was like..level 21 or 22.
  2. BigJosh

    Gamer Shame

    My worst gamer shame? Ive never played a single final fantasy in my entire life..EVER. The only Rpg i ever played like final fantasy was Legend Of Dragoon.
  3. I've been watching and listening to music from this website for several years with enjoyment, but a few days ago i finally decided to join the group with interest with the community, maybe learn about music moer in depth than i know (which isn't much compared to the group of people here at OCR). But Im just here saying hello, and im always willing to listen to music here while getting to know some new people I've never met. Maybe i can make some friends here. If you wanna know bout me or not just say so. Its been years since I've been part of a forum, so yeah. I dont know how a few things go here, like introductions. Hehe. But anyways, Hello OCR!
  4. I would like to say the music ive seen from you is very impressive and I have loved your Remixes For you and Morning Sun, i have them both saved into my music library.

    Anyways, keep up the good work.

    -Long time watcher of Ocremix, newbie to the forums