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  1. Hi! Just wanted to check with the community if this is something that might get approved by OC Remix; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4WnSrgvODpU
  2. Hi there. I've never submitted anything to OCRemix before, and thought I'd send in something. I read through the submission form, and I failed on a couple of criterias. "Submissions must be 6.00MB (6,291,456 bytes) or less." The Zelda piano is 22mb (12min 14sec long) The Chrono Trigger piano is 28mb (19min 55sec long) "Medleys must sound like a single song, not multiple songs pasted together." .. And I kinda failed on that one too, once or twice. Anyway, I thought i'd just add them here as a small notice that they exist, since I can't submit them to the actual page. I would like some feedback nevertheless .. Piano is always fun with game music, and I've come to like those kinds of remixes more than the trance/techno or whatever other styles people does. Jazz remixes though are really cool but I doubt I'll get into that department anytime soon. I hope to get some feedback on these, they took "some time" to get through, to say the least. So anyway, here's the 2 mp3's; hyperunknown - Zelda Piano Selections ( 2008 ) http://www.hyperunknown.net/ocremix/hyperunknown_-_zelda_piano_selections_-_2008.mp3 hyperunknown feat. princess - Chrono Trigger piano selections 4-handed ( 2008 ) http://www.hyperunknown.net/ocremix/hyperunknown_feat_princess_-_chrono_trigger_piano_selections_4-handed.mp3 // hyperunknown www.hyperunknown.net hyperunknown@hyperunknown.net
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