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  1. Thanks, @Pavos and same! Looking forward to the next BadAss album. ?
  2. Thanks, @timaeus222! I'll get to incorporating that feedback. I didn't sample anything from the the Death Cab track. Believe it or not, the chord progression of the Zelda track and the Death Cab track are the same, albeit in different keys. Perhaps I picked up on that subconsciously and that's what inspired this mix.
  3. Thanks for the listen and feedback, @Souperion! So I intentionally let those drums fade completely in the background. But I like the idea of keeping it a little more present. Listening to the Death Cab track, the drums stay faintly audible until the drums enter. I'll give that a try! Is it pretty typical to have to dm the evaluators directory for a review these days?
  4. I bumped the bpm a little and fixed some backing guitar issues. I think it's ready for an evaluator's ear. Of course I'll take any ear willing to spend a few minutes with my arrangement.
  5. This arrangement is the First part of the Staff Roll of The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past and the song "Transatlantism" by Death Cab for Cutie smashed together. It seemed like a clever idea, but I'd like to know if this works or if it's too slow and/or boring. Source Tracks: My arrangement: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1nFy2hvu_NGzPGG1LkO6Sftr9rTuNPzIS/view?usp=sharing Any feedback is much appreciated. Thanks!
  6. @pu_freak How about Madeline's theme from Celeste? (or at least I think it's Madeline's theme) I'll send a little bit of my WIP in a PM.
  7. Thanks for the clarification, @pu_freak and @The Joker. I have a couple ideas that may work.
  8. That's a good question. I reread the description and now I'm not sure. I focused on the line, "Base line: getting you pumped up and ready for adventure!"
  9. I'll throw in for this. I've been looking for an opportunity to work on an album track! I have an idea for a rock version of the SR388 Surface theme from Metroid II that I think will work.
  10. I'm a recent lurker-turned-forum-poster as well, so take my comments for what they're worth The source track is a great choice and I really like what you did with it. it's definitely a different feel from the source, but I agree that it's a little conservative. Don't have much more to offer in the way of criticism. I just wanted to drop in and say that I enjoyed the track.
  11. Thanks, @Gario! Yeah I fought with that harmony for a while. The chord is a D7sus4 but it sounds super weird so that higher lead was changing it to a DM7sus4. So I just tracked a new harmony so that chord is a Dsus4. Probably too much detail, but you hit on a thing I was really struggling with. I hope the new one is a little easier on the ears. I also faded out the end to to remove that artifact. It was intentional, but the song really doesn't need the extra few seconds. If I don't hear anything else I'll start the submission process. Thanks again!
  12. I panned the guitar at the beginning to the center as well as automate panning of the various guitar parts throughout the song. I also did some EQ and volume work. I'm changing it to ready for review.
  13. I think it works great! And yes, I think it's interesting and you should submit it. The melody does stick to the source very closely, but since you added vocal/instrument harmony I think it would still meet the arrangement guidelines. Anyway, as you suspected, I think the mix needs some improvement. The strings are too far in the background. I would like them to be a little more prominent. Great work!
  14. Thanks, @Vidilian ! You're right the guitar is panned to the right in the beginning. I'll try double-tracking and panning it to the center and see which one sounds best.
  15. https://drive.google.com/file/d/10kfzmuJDH219sAaJClFQAJbfra_pOSLz/view?usp=sharing Hey everyone! This is my first time posting here and my second attempt at remixing so I'm looking for some feedback. This song, the Lanayru Harbor music from The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, may seem like a weird choice but the song always stuck out to me. One day it dawned on me that smashing the song Augusta, GA by Into It. Over It. and the Lanayru Harbor song together might yield something cool. Well, this rock remix is what came out of it. I'm particularly looking for feedback on the mix since that is something I've never been good at. Also, the song is pretty short, but both of the source songs are pretty short and I couldn't come up with anything to add length that didn't sound forced. Thanks!
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