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It doesn't fit ocr's standards on arrangement. It's a medley of conservative takes on the source. Medleys are accepted when they do something more with the sources than merely stack them in sequence. Regardless, an ocr-appropriate remix also needs to do something more with the arrangement of each source than just change the sound, which is essentially what's done here.

The mix is also really heavy on the lows. It sounds better with my subwoofer off, which it shouldn't.

So no, this wouldn't get approved.

My advice: use this track for mixing practice. Also play around with the individual sources in case you come up with something more ocr-appropriate to do with them. Consider the rhythm of each part, the order of segments, the dynamics of the parts and overall, the chord sequences... The Doom soundtrack has a lot of cool sources to work with. I've been digging into it myself after listening closely to the 2016 Doom soundtrack, which references the previous Doom games, so that too can be an inspiration.

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