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  1. Cool concept and fantastic remixes across the album. My favorites were zyko's "Mr. Z," and zircon and Joshua Morse's "Satsui no Koto." Generally, I run screaming from VG rap (it's an exaggeration, but it tends to be too hammy for my tastes), but the two Zelda remixes kept me listening, which means a lot. Lastly, a word of thanks goes out to all the collaborators; amazing job!
  2. Outstanding piece; this is my most favorite remix to have come from OCR.
  3. Two Sides to a Coin Figuring that I am as good as dead, Into my pocket this hand quickly sped. The grip in my grasp is surprisingly cold, Only one thing to myself have I told, "I will not go down without a fight, Not with death so close in sight." I can hear the men getting excited all around, Harder still my heart does pound, But my thoughts shifted, it gave me the chills, Fear transforms into a lust to kill. I gaze unflinchingly upon my mark, Now swifter than ever my body embarks. Their fates sealed, the conclusion comes clear. The tables had turned, evidenced through their fear. Ecstasy scribbled all over my face, Yet the words came at so calm of a pace, "No mercy at all... I will enjoy your deaths," My prey stood frozen, holding their breaths. This drive, this passion, it belongs not to me, But the blade’s in my hand, it’s plain to see. This body acts before the thoughts could flood, And before I knew it, I was bathed in their blood. He cackles now, as I gasp inside. If that is me, I must decide. He laughs at them with such frightful glee, And so I refuse that that could be me. The thrills of the night had taken their toll, Unconscious my body; fragmented my soul. Memories hazy, but not quite forgotten, The stench of corpses, not yet rotten. As I awaken, realized is my fear, With the carnage surrounding me, making everything clear. Now with nowhere to turn, my revenge I will take, To repent for sins I must not again make.
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