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  1. Cool concept and fantastic remixes across the album. My favorites were zyko's "Mr. Z," and zircon and Joshua Morse's "Satsui no Koto." Generally, I run screaming from VG rap (it's an exaggeration, but it tends to be too hammy for my tastes), but the two Zelda remixes kept me listening, which means a lot. Lastly, a word of thanks goes out to all the collaborators; amazing job!
  2. Outstanding piece; this is my most favorite remix to have come from OCR.
  3. Two Sides to a Coin Figuring that I am as good as dead, Into my pocket this hand quickly sped. The grip in my grasp is surprisingly cold, Only one thing to myself have I told, "I will not go down without a fight, Not with death so close in sight." I can hear the men getting excited all around, Harder still my heart does pound, But my thoughts shifted, it gave me the chills, Fear transforms into a lust to kill. I gaze unflinchingl
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