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  1. sorry for interrupting, but something caught my eye... i really thought "Koholint" was spelled "Kolohint." At least, ive always pronounced it that way...am i just an idiot? which is it? im really worried now because im beginnig to think that maybe i cant read or something...
  2. I love this remix, it reminds me of Orchestral Game Concert stuff. Today is the worst day of my life because when I turned the computer on, I found that my brother had deleted this song, just because I was the one who downloaded it. I bet he didn't even listen to it. It took me almost two hours to download it, and it was worth it. AND I'M GONNA DOWNLOAD IT AGAIN! SO THERE! Anyway, this mix is great. I love woodwinds and I love Dragon Warrior. Keep it up, man!!
  3. It's a great remix...but hasn't it been around for quite some time now? Aren't we a little late here?
  4. I think the hardest bosses are Baramos and Zoma from Dragon Warrior 3, especially when they "fire an icy pulse." But the all-time most annoying enemies in the game would have to be the butterflies around Aliahan that cast surround and make it so you can't hit anything and then a mass of Slimes come and take you down, 1 hit point at a time...
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