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  1. Here is mine: https://soundcloud.com/ricardo-ranzani
  2. This is a soundtrack that i made to promote a board game that it's going to be released in 2014 (here in Brazil). It consists of a main theme and six other musics representing the races of the game. Keep in mind that this is my first "professional" work. I just wanted to know what you guys think about it. https://soundcloud.com/ricardo-ranzani/sets/selene-the-fantasy The first music is complete on the link above, but i only put 30 seconds previews for the other songs.
  3. I'm here to leave a link to my first piano album. I'm a amateur composer, so bear with me. All Good Things Come Back The same musics are at my profile at Soundcloud as well: Ricardo Ranzani I've decided to sell on Bandcamp for 3$ or more. And each music sold separately costs 1$. Hope you like it. And also, all opinions about it matters to me. So feel free to rate it if you wish. Best Regards, Ricardo.
  4. Hmm....maybe you're right. It could be the writing itself. I tried to balance it the best way i could, but i'm using EWQLSO Gold Edition and i'm having a real hard time panning instruments in it. It never sounds the way i like. About your version of my music, it really sounds louder, but i think it improved the quality. Wich leads to another question: how to use a multiband compressor?
  5. Hello, I'm working with a friend of mine on a video game, and he asked me to do the music for it. It's nothing professional or anything, but we are putting some work into it. Anyway, i've never been fully satisfied with the audio quality of my music. The instruments always seen to get on top of each other, and i know nothing about EQ and stuff. So i put one little song on Soundcloud (http://soundcloud.com/ricardo-ranzani/test-projeto-vidotto) to serve as an example and i would like some tips on how to make it sound better. Please, i'm not looking for feedback telling me if the music is good or not (feel free to do that, but that's not the reason i made this topic ) I'm sorry if this topic is in the wrong place, and i know that there are tons of topics all over the forum explaining EQ, Mastering and all, but i would like to try these tips on something that i made.
  6. I started to enjoy making music because of this guy (like many people here, i'm sure). I may not be able to meet him, but maybe i could win some over-the-top vgm.
  7. que bom que ta te ajudando :)

  8. Oi Luiza. Tô passando só pra te agradecer por ter colocado as faixas que você gravou de "Waiting". Como eu não tenho como gravar nada muito sofisticado (pelo menos por enquanto) e não sei quase nada de mixagem, aquele tópico e as faixas estão sendo de grande ajuda. Valeu! : ]

  9. It's good to see that a awesome music like this was made by a compatriot. Parabéns Luiza! Essa é mais uma das suas ótimas versões que vai pra minha playlist. : ]
  10. Thanks for the tip. Really. I'm going to look for these ones.
  11. Hi everyone. I've been following OCRemix for some time, but that's my first thread (and post) here. So here is the question. I would like to know if there is a plug in made specially for Irish traditional music. If it doesn't exist, i would like to know some plug ins that have the instruments wich i'm gonna need to this kind of song (fiddle, tin whistle, bodhrán, etc.). I use Cubase SX 3. I've searched for a similar thread, but i couldn't find any.
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