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    Hello, I am somewhat a beginner musician and I tend to like to remix song from video games and some just song that I hear and like to tweak a bit or a lot. I tend to write and remix song in the style of Metal but I also occasionally do electronic styles.

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    Piano.keyboard, Bass
  1. Yo sign me up! Uematsu is one of the contributing factors to me being a music composition student and film scoring student c:
  2. Hey jive,

    I really love your Einhander song, its the best. I first heard it when I was a freshman in high school and I've been wondering ever since what that voice says at the end of the song. Could you tell me by any chance?

  3. This song is the main reason I got onto OCremix.org I Love this song so much I really want to aske jivemaster what that voice is saying at the end. I don't get why some people here don't like this song very much Any way, Jivemaster: what is that voice saying?
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