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  1. Very nice trance work. Could play this in a club and no one would know the difference.
  2. Love the production on this. Normally I don't like vocals in my music, but in this they just kinda blended in with the rest of the song, rather than being the main focus and overpowering the instrumental portion. Everything just sounds great. The acoustic guitars, the drums, everything.
  3. Great guitar work as always. Wonder if there's a non-vocal version floating around somewhere. I know that they're practically the whole song, but I kinda feel like looping the instrumental for a while.
  4. You used the same melody from Jay-Z's "Reasonable Doubt". Pretty cool.
  5. Jesus bloody christ this song is good. The guitar, the laid back sax, the ambience, everything works perfectly together. Vigilante never disappoints.
  6. One of my favourite OC Remixes. It's a shame most people have never heard the original version of this song.
  7. It's true, that one choral part is very distinctive. It stuck out the second I heard it. I wasn't particularly feeling it myself though. It does fit in with the rest of the song quite nicely, but it just sounded like a cheesy ghost wail to me.
  8. I find this remix to be unbelievably depressing. Don't ask me why. It just has this very "late night out in the city" feel to it.
  9. I loved the song. Although I'd prefer an instrumental version at all. It's not that Starla's singing voice is bad, it's quite nice actually, I just usually prefer these kinds of songs without vocals.
  10. The thunder and the rain sound a bit gimmicky You've never played Tales of Phantasia have you? This song plays after a tragic event, and the rain is part of the song at first. So in this case, it's very appropriate.
  11. Beautiful remix. One of the best songs I've heard in years. Of any genre. Great atmosphere in the beginning too.
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