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  1. Thanks for the quick reviews about my track here a few notes about it: The plot: Tomahawk having been rescued from Wily's control has a unique perspective on the evil Wily is capable of. He chooses to go against Dr Wright's wishes and overpowers him, taking his time machine back to Mega Man 1 to end Dr Wily. The section from 0:57-1:22 is the Time machine ride and crash. at 1:23-2:00 Tomahawk looks up and is at the foot of Wily's Tower and proceeds to get his bearings and head inside but falls into Wily's Labyrinth of Mechanical Madness at 2:02 he spends the next 24 seconds overcoming obstacles and cryptic mechanical riddles. At 2:27 he see's a door and assumes he's home free, but at 2:40 the door opens and the original master robots pop out and battle him in a death waltz. At 3:07 he over comes the initial wave and proceeds through Wily's final chamber, at 3:30 he proceeds to battle Wily who has taken refuge on the shoulders of a giant robotic dinosaur in the final death waltz. At 3:56 the main theme The Lament of Vigilante Justice and Wily is brought to justice. I hope this explains the piece. HAHAHAHAHA. I had a lot of fun with this one. This competition has been great as well. I've learned a lot. I did this remix in basically two sittings because old friends from out of town kept visiting since its the holiday season. I'm really happy that I managed to get something submitted. Its really fun having such a time crunch and seeing what can happen. There are obvious production flaws and a few sections I had in mind that I had to leave out. I might revisit this, and post it somewhere. And special thanks to Main Finger and my roomate Ocean for providing extra voices. Cast: Me: Tomahawk Man Ocean: Dr Wright Main Finger: Dr Wily And yes it is a joke. So feel free to laugh a lot.
  2. Thanks for the reviews! I hope to hear some more, I have a lot to learn.
  3. Just voted, Loved the entrees so far! Everyone is really rocking it.
  4. My Robit Masters: Tomahawk Man Guts Man Toad Man Snake Man Hard Man
  5. Count me in, I will be on Main Finger's Team. I will update my robot master picks tonight.
  6. Now I've got your power! Count me in. Skull Man Tomahawk Man Gyro Man Wave Man Dust Man
  7. Seriously this is the best thing I've heard in a long time... I'm not even saying best VG Remix... Just the best thing. I love jazz, and these people completely rock it. Great job! This seriously just blows my mind. It IS like no other Video Game Jazz I've heard before.
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