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    I am a big fan of ocremix.org. I refer people here a lot and constantly check for updates... =-= I don't know why it took me a while to sign up here, but I did. My favorite remixer is a tie between 3: bLiNd, Beatdrop, and Darkesword. I like all the other people and songs too.
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  1. I remember seeing this on Newgrounds Audio Portal a while ago. Still very good.
  2. I like. It's very nice and if you decide to keep working on it I hope it gets even better. owo Though it's good now in my opinion.
  3. Okay, it sounds good, and I am impressed that you added a beat to Dearly Beloved. Only problem I have is the very long opening...beach sounds, waves crashing is nice, but not for nearly a minute. ._. I want music nao kthx. Wow, that hurt to write...
  4. This is pretty good. I'm normally not one for vocals, but it works. -gives a thumbs up- and it'll be improved?? Epic epic nice nice. Can't wait to hear how this one turns out.
  5. Awesome! Keep up the good work, I look forward to what comes out in the end.
  6. Well...I can't say much, considering I didn't find the source...nor have I heard the song before. ._. So...nice what you've got I guess? And it feels sorta bland. I'm not really feeling the music like I should be.
  7. Well...it's nice, ambient, piano-y. Yes I just made that word up. ...but....it's lacking some pieces of the song. I can hear the piano skip at the beginning...and the song just seems to be broken up. ._. It's most likely me and my OCD need to have the notes be there that aren't. Still a good remix.
  8. I'm gonna bump this, cuz we definitely do need some more Golden Sun remixes. Saturos Theme, well..that's from the first one but still! It's technically in the second via Star Magician, and the BGM menu. Definitely...DEFINITELY..Mars Lighthouse. I would love it to be trance, or epic. Either would be appropriate. ...okay, so I like trance a lot. >_> I like dancing to music, but I enjoy having a good song too! Elemental Stars would be appreciated too. I would request Doom Dragon, but Brawl has beaten everyone to it, and damn them if they didn't do a great job.
  9. I liked "Inverting the Tower Temple". It took a creative turn on the song. But I do agree we need more music! Those suggested are good, and we could always use some more. The Music Box House, Credits, Ballad of the Windfish (inside the bar), Milk Bar, and the Majora's Battle Themes. They would be fun.
  10. That's pretty much the list. I am a fan of "Above the Rising Falls" and "That's What You Get". I would love to hear more of Marluxia's theme songs: Graceful Assassin, Scythe of Petals, Lord of the Castle. As for music from 358/2... most of the music is remade from 2, boss fight music and Rowdy Rumble, which I did see and advised on because I'm a rabid fan. RABID. =w= -growls and protects his modded PS2- I've no doubt that Darkesword would be able to make some really great remixes from KH, and I'd root for him all the way if he chose to. I would love Xion Battle to be redone, and I found a remix on newgrounds called: "Dirge of the Fourteenth", which wasn't bad. It was kinda good. I also found a trance remix of "Hand in Hand", and I bet bLiNd could make one that's so much better and more headbobbing. That said, I hope we do get some more KH songs. The series has great music and potential for remixes. Most of the original pieces are my favorites, as the others are Disney music. Definitely more Pink Scythes.
  11. bLiNd!!! Darn you for being so great! >w< GRAWR!! It's a good remix, hope it gets finished. >_> Skyway, I listened to the first one and am about to listen to the second one now. The first one did seem a bit bland, the voice was not my favorite but it sorta made some sense. I think I confused myself there..anyway! -listens to newer version- And I like it. -thumbs up- I like being able to tap my feet to a beat and the song still be good.
  12. I dislike the lyrics... I'm not a lyric guy at all, and I don't see them working in this song the way they are being used now. Or at all. =w= Harsh, but I take no guilt in admitting that. v-v I can't really think of a way to improve the song, considering it's still in development, and you said you know where it's going. So I just input my piece.
  13. It's 7:39 and not finished? ._. That's one long song in the production, but I like where it's going. Hope it gets finished! >_<
  14. You're Darkesword's brother? O-o I am amazed. That does explain the Metroid Prime music, though they are great songs in general and I'm even more amazed not a lot of people have remixed them further. I've got even less experience than you, but I am a very big fan of what your brother does. I like beats. That said, I'm not going to compare the two of you. And Woot! I'm glad my suggestion helped. I am curious what would happen if you saved what you have, then went back and changed all the instruments around (if that's possible).
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