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  1. Hi there. I still haven't had the inspiration to finish that Scrap Brain Zone Remix that's floating around the workshop forum, but in the meantime here's a little upgrade on one of my old originals. I thought it had some potential and what do you know http://www.mikseri.net/playsong.php?id=415729&displ_lang=en Feedback is always welcome. The old version can be found on that page, down left is a list. The bass is something I need to work on at least...
  2. What the guys before me said, but then there's the thing you have with loops. You use them a lot, I can see the sequencer before my eyes going "1,3,1,1,4,1,1,1,1,1" Then there is nothing to break up the constant thumpthump of the kick, no fills, nothing. I've played around with the source myself and I can say that it just was not this monotonous, even on NES. The end is quite...odd. Good luck though, patience and listening is all it needs in the end This reminded me that I started a remix of this and never got far..plus I still have that Scrap Brain to finish
  3. I've been in the beta and I can assure you that it works and is fun. Price is low mostly because the game has only four maps at the moment, but dlc is a word that's been buzzing about... And people, XP is dead, DX9 is dying and you don't have to invest too much to get a decent computer that can even play this. 7 is so good that if you really are running XP then you're missing out and you're gonna be sorry( I used Vista for a month, then went with the beta of 7 and haven't looked back) Can't say the budget machine would run Crysis though, but then again, what can.
  4. Just have to say this : Awesome! I just have to listen to this over and over again
  5. This just seems like a bad start for your time in here take heed from the comments and I suggest everybody just forget how he introduced himself to the community, give him a fresh start now that he knows how it should be done. We all learn from our mistakes, you should do just that and make your life a lot easier here
  6. About what you could try to get some more life into this : use the pure source only as an accent...this is hard to explain You can build a whole new song out of the elements the source has, taking the notes out, arranging them to chords, using them for a new melody. This way, you can introduce the main theme, which in this is very short, to the audience after you've build up the feeling and made some hints towards the source. It's the verse, but you have to build the rest of the song to support that verse, without boring the listener with...continuous verse I'm being so helpful here again, I hope you get what I mean.
  7. What kinda system you have, if you can't adjust the bass amplification? Anyway, listening to the song second time around atm, the bass and the kick make a distinct "durrrhhhh" sound everytime they play, worse when they overlap. Compression could solve this though and it can be just my listening habits, but all bass in this has an annoying frequency that eats everything else away : P I like the variation, if not for the drums. Not enough breaks in your breakbeat maybe : ) That's what I could scrape together, hope I'm being even mildly helpful.
  8. Agreeing with Hoboka, gave me the chills too : ) It's been said before, but the bassline has problems with the rest of the groove, it's very disturbing, even as an arrangement test and is very apparent in the first part. The second part...well all I heard was the chillsending leads and synths, which I really liked : D Good job. Refine it : )
  9. hmm. everything else sounds very nice...that ring sound is teh sex smooth sounds, congas xD but then that kick. i assume it's intentional, but it still hurts my ears...all that very lofi snapping and compressing of other sounds in favor of the kick. it just didn't fly for me :/
  10. well. i listened this before teh drama and decided to wait for some progress, but after all that I just have to say something in-case you decide to continue. You have a big problem with your mix in my opinion, the bass clashes constantly, I hear some odd fluctuations in your volume (compressor being an ass...maybe) Then...you haven't really done anything but changed the sounds from electric guitar and all those things that SEGA puts into it's games nowadays...and replaced them with some 404 lines from Fruity Loops...and they annoy my ears for the whole duration of the song... I'm sorry, but you'll have to make some major revisions to that in my opinion. the arrangement is not too different from the original, the sounds are really low-grade and that vocal-line at the beginning made me grin in the wrong way :/ I'm just saying this as I hear it, this is not the opinion of the whole world so if I sound like an ass then I am an ass and you don't have to care about it
  11. Glad you like it And heh, I attempted to make the voice in the first to reflect the Zone and it's surroundings so that's why it tried to make some sense glad it did. Thanks I was afraid it was a bit too much in a bit too small space, so at least that will change a bit, give a bit more room for the individual sections And maybe I'll play around with that part that tries to lift off at the end
  12. Yes well I get what you're trying to do, but making "updated" versions of the originals does not change the fact, that after a minute or so the originals looped to start...ended. If after a minute you make your updated song do the same then it may work in-game, but not as a listenable song :/ But I understand your intentions good luck with your project.
  13. Hi there. Nice remakes you have here, but I would suggest trying out something more creative with them. The biggest "problem" I see is that while the original songs are nice and all, just replacing the instruments and adding some drumlines does not work well if you decide to stretch the original songs too much. This happens in a bad way with your version of the Sky Sanctuary, as it just goes on and on with not so much change as there could/should be in a song that lasts four minutes, the original lasting about 1:30. It's also a bit too full...you start it peacefully enough, but then as you introduce the drums they really...don't stop to give the listener a breather and maybe bringing up something smooth and floaty, like a pad, until punching in the drums and the guitar again for a crunching finish. Also with your goal to make a new soundtrack for a Sonic remake, the feel of that song does not sync with the feel of the level it is for...at least not in my mind :/ This way it sounds nice for a minute, then it actually starts to annoy as I wished for something to change after the original would have looped from the start, but really. You don't have the limitations of a small game cartridge, so I think you can make an interesting song for four minutes. Not for one. Sorry if I was not being helpful >_>
  14. Hi again. After that last wip I tried to make it better, changed sounds, brought more sounds and variation into the song, but at some point I just stared at my screen, selected about everything in my sequencer and pushed ye'olde deleteh and started from the beginning. So here I am again with a finished product this time and I hope you like it. http://www.skyway-designs.com/music/Broken Mind.mp3 One thing that might be a fail is that the song has a lot packed into a small space :/
  15. Hi Rozovian : ) Sorry about not including the source. And I should have said that the song is a heavy wip... about three hours in the middle of the night wip : P Thanks for the tips, I'll keep them in mind. The voiceclip was a bit of an experiment with which I'm not happy either so that will change/get deleted :/
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