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  1. Been a long time since I last checked here. I'm very happy to see the project is not only alive, but getting near launch. I get to hear all the Lufia goodies, so I'm looking forward to it! I hope everyone is safe and well and productive. I would say sane too but sanity is overrated.
  2. I wasn't sure if this was still on or not. Been a lot of years and I had apparently stopped getting post updates to my emails. I just happened to peek in today by curiosity. Still been holding on to the two tunes as well. Been ages since I've tweaked on them but I'm just about set up in my new home, so I should be able to work with them some more and bring them more up to speed. Other than that, just let me know what's what and I'll get back to you guys post haste!
  3. Whahoo! It's been a long time coming and I'm eternally uncertain of everything I've ever done, but I'm definitely looking forward to the monster of an album and to hear all these years of hard work everyone's put into it.
  4. Woohoo! Been a long hard trek but excellent news that it's all finally coming together. You all deserve a big round of applause for surviving it all and for being a part of what's bound to be one gigantic gathering of amazing music.
  5. I'm late to the response party but I just got the OCR email update and you guys are sounding fantastic. Big kudos on such a great gathering of talent! Meanwhile, it does seem like my track is blooming a bit much, especially in the bass department, so if you guys need new wavs of my tracks to help fix some of that, give me a poke. Something about SONAR that just does a horrible job of rendering. Definitely looking forward to the monstrous full album and I'm sure you guys will be ecstatic to finally see this out of your collective hairs too, heheh. Keep that tunage grooving, guys!
  6. You have me email. Where's me preview? Arrrr! *swashes buckles and such* I'll send you a poke in email to get that squared away, but seriously, how do you keep losing my email addy. xD
  7. I think I'm all caught up with everything but I thought I should check in just to make sure there's nothing you guys still need from me. Though I haven't gotten any emails and I'm pretty sure you guys still have it. If not, I'll get back in touch with you in short order. Other than that, keep kicking tail! Looking forward to hearing the end results.
  8. I belatedly noticed a month old note in my inbox this afternoon. I'm game for pitching in on something. The two I was pointed to look at may be already filled, so if that's the case, just direct me to a different track to chew on and I'll get on it.
  9. Heheh, no hate taken. Both of our schedules has been crazy I know. Last month was particularly bad for me and for that I'm sorry. ^.^ On the bright side though, you should be getting an email shortly about the remaining guitar tracks as I was uploading the sets when I read the OCR email update about this very update. Though I do need to get on the write ups! I completely forgot about that.
  10. Definitely appreciate the compliments and the advice alike, guys. Thanks! The hi/lo issue is largely probably the Tascam's doing I think, but I have noticed the bass has gotten really thick on everything I've done over the last year or so and no setting changes have happened. Just need to spring for the new gear. And again, Sonar claims levels are fairly evened out though it sounds like I do need to play more with my volume envelopes. Just really frustrating when I've seen a ton of guys pick up a cheap DAW without any experience and mix better stuff than I do. Maybe my hearing is just shot. x
  11. *sigh* I've been struggling with mixing since day one of my rig and while I strongly point the finger at how poor Sonar is of a DAW and my low end Tascam box as my output for headphones, I know there's plenty I could still be doing to fix a lot of these problems. And on first hearing the mastered versions you did, I could tell a lot of improvements in the punch factor, but the struggles you had were painfully obvious too. If you've got the time and have any pointers (or better yet, point to a software besides SoundForge and Sonar to mix with), you've got my email. That actually goes for anyone
  12. Been a pleasure working with you and hope to again in the near future. Will keep in touch either way. And to the rest of you (most of you I really haven't met or talked too sadly), I've heard some great things out of the demos and teasers so far. A pleasure and an honor to share this album with you.
  13. Hahah. I've been trying to get a hold of you, Roz, ever since I heard you were trying to get a hold of me but your email's apparently changed and the forums PMs seem to be broken too. So I give up and just spout my email for you here. mozzaratti5@yahoo.com Because someone sniped plain ol' Mozzaratti before 2002ish I guess. If you need anything, feel free to buzz. Meanwhile, I'm sorting out some damaged files but working in a few tweaks to the tunes I already sent wavs of. If there's a mastering deadline I miss, then go with what you got because you guys seemed at least moderately happy with t
  14. You should still have my email as well. My focus as of late has been on other projects, but I have been spiffying up the two here and there in the meantime. Thus you should have some improved wavs long before mastering time.
  15. Just wanted to get it out there that I've started on the Ing Suite/boss rush tune. It hasn't been going well at present, but that will change once some of the craziness going on the last few weeks settles.
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