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  1. A lot of my friends played FFXI while I was playing WoW. I always wanted to jump in but it was already far into the game in terms of expansions for me to start learning imo. FFIV will be a very fresh start for me that's for sure.
  2. Hey ladies and gents! I'm just dropping by to show you guys the performance that me and my friend Larry did. I'm the beatbox and he's the vox/acoustic. We improv'd this all the way but I thought it was fairly good. Here's the link: http://view.break.com/1486140 Comment and rate/thumbs up if you like it but tell me what you think!
  3. It's planned for a standalone. It's estimated release is Fall 09 with a cost of 20$ and 40$ (Black Marine Armor and access to Alpha). If you preorder now you can participate in the Beta when it's available. And it's true that the majority of the community moved to Combat. It's a pity though, because the real game was so worth learning in order to play. Their approach to NS2 now, however, is to find a legitimate balance between different classes. The onos, instead of becoming a running devouring machine is going from dps/tank to tank/support and a little bit dps. They took out devour and put in a bone shield (I'm thinking a half sphere) so they can wipe out stalemates at certain points in games.
  4. I was always a big Natural Selection fan and hearing it in development and getting many different class changes is a welcome addition! Anyone else here play it religiously?
  5. Straight No Chaser is a good group too! Never knew about them until now.
  6. I'm not sure if many of you guys heard about Rag Fair but they are a SICK acapella group getting some recognition in Japan last year. Check IT! The song is a cover of Aladdin's and their English is surprisingly good. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QnyVaotI8s8
  7. I for one have never touched FFXI. However, FFXIV looks incredible from what I've seen. I always loved the FF series and I always wanted to play XI so by the time I had a job and a credit card, I was too far deep in the hole to realize what the newest expansion is and etc (they ONLY have over 9000 expansions). With FFXIV as a fresh new start I'm definitely going to jump on board!
  8. Speaking of Fei, I've seen a really nasty Fei player on youtube just busting out those FADC combos. I find that many underrated characters are dubbed lower tiered if not played well. Shows how much tier trees are BS
  9. I'll be willing to play with everyone. Just hit me up. I'm pretty terribad at this game so bear with me.
  10. I can safely say that my addiction wore off about a few hours in.
  11. I would love to play but 1) I lost my starcraft cdkeys and 2) I'm a warcraft player by all means. Although, if I had a pair of keys I would definitely play all the time haha.
  12. I still play this game on a daily basis. People can add me on PSN if they have it for their PS3. (KrazN) Gen's my dude. Vega my second.
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