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  1. I haven't posted in a long time... but hearing this provokes the thought of Dr. Albert Wily and his robot minions as a KISS-like group.
  2. The Shinra Shuffle, eh? Tsung and Elena would probably be dancing in the background if this were playing. A good piece of music overall. Definitely a keeper.
  3. I'll take a classic-bottled Pepsi over the Heineken, but otherwise an enjoyable piece of remixed music. -Lugs a jug of Pepsi and downs it- Cheers.
  4. I'm normally an individual who likes to remain invisible by just downloading the music I enjoy, but this one has quite a bit of curiosity stirred inside of me. I normally stick to music by Rize and Sixto Sounds, but this one is definitely a percussive romp through the Prehistoric Ages. Now, as for the details on the name... it just doesn't seem to match the "mood" given off by the music in my opinion. That would lead me to think that this one would be faster, more "drive" in it (hence the title to "get in the Epoch"), but otherwise no complaints. Sounds like something I could cut a rug on (or
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