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  1. Yep, "Epic" is the right word. Thanks for not being afraid to post something with so narrow an appeal, the metalheads here really appreciate it. God knows this song isn't leaving my playlist anytime soon.
  2. I agree with the poster who said it sounds like Mega Man (that is a good thing). I think if you said it was from some MM game that I've never played I'd believe you. Great work, this is an excellent rock mix.
  3. There are a lot of covers, but this site doesn't do covers. If you know any remixes feel free to link them here.
  4. This is two requests in one: two songs that I think are sorely under represented in the remix community. I'm not asking to combine them, but two separate jobs. First, Fire Emblem "Together We Ride", which is also featured in various Smash Brothers games. It's pretty popular with covers and the like but I'd love to see a full on remix. I think this is perfect for hard rock or metal. There's tons to work with. A few links: Official song (Brawl version). This version also includes parts from the Fire Emblem title theme. This is probably my favorite official version of this song. Some covers: Pretty awesome - this song was made for guitar, I'm telling you.And for something completely different - remix!As you can see those versions above are great but they are still covers. I'd love to see what this community can come up with. Next, Secret of Mana - The Oracle. This site has plenty of SoM remixes, but none for this song. It's the 2nd-to-last boss battle with the Dark Lich Thanatos, an enormous skull. I have to say, this song is just begging for a death metal cover. I want something that evokes the sheer terror of that thing chasing you when you listen to it. Somebody call Kadmium! Anyway, the links: - with a picture of the boss for referenceAn excellent video of the . And I quote: "This music is so awesome, I'm not going to taint it with the sound of my voice."It's a little harder to find good remixes or covers of this song. I guess it's pretty unusual and challenging. But, there's a bonus: some of the sounds effects that sound like chanting are (allegedly) based off of a real Balinese chant, the ! I don't know much about this, maybe somebody can enlighten me, but the similarities between the chant and the Dark Lich's theme cannot be ignored.Thanks in advance if anyone takes this challenge.
  5. Yes, I have this track on my primary playlist, which means I listen to it all night at work. Please keep making songs like this! It's fantastic. Great choice of game too, a clever little overlooked gem. Also, re: the Powerglove/Armcannon drama going on: I can't speak for their live performances, but after listening to a bunch of Powerglove tracks, I can say that they are a great band, but Armcannon is just better. I could go into more details but I don't think it's necessary. Instead, let's debate whether Game Over or Armcannon have the better Zelda medley! (My vote: Game Over)
  6. Wow, thanks guys. That was fast! I looked through your list Epitaph and I only have 2 or 3 of those, so I better get cracking. Thanks for the heads up on DoD also guys. I have a few tracks from there but I didn't know what the label meant
  7. I have downloaded quite a bit from this site from the last few years, but I haven't even scratched the surface. There is just too much content to walk through slowly. Can you recommend me a few artists? Specifically, I'm looking for metal remixes - heavy, prog, what have you. Some of my favorites are Luiza (big time), Danimal Cannon/Armcannon, Sixto Sounds, Goat, Stemage (all of Metroid Metal is fantastic), Braincells, and especially Game Over (Hyrule's Angel is one of my favorite songs, period). I'm sure I left a bunch out. I think I've gotten all the tracks by the above people (and I'm going to double check now), but are there any more great metal or rock artists here that I might be missing out on? Thanks for any recommendations.
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