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  1. Man, this contest sounds amazing,.. and a chance to win free tickets to see Nobou live? Hell yeah! Final Fantasy, Nobuo Uematsu, Distant Worlds, OC ReMix, I'm in this to win it!
  2. This guy wins for The Guardian legend as #1 suggestion I'll double it by saying "PLAY GUARDIAN LEGEND"... totally wanna remix some of those songs... but i've got a lonnnnng way to go before I can..
  3. Heh, found this earlier today and i'll probably frequent it alittle more often.. Good times to be had
  4. I must say, i've heard alot of music of megaman before. Remix, the original stuff ((just as pretty much everyone else has)) but this has to be the first time i've heard something so out of character for this game and also one of the most pleasing and interesting in my life. The song has a hint of craziness and creepiness that fits so well, especially with wily being who he is but it all comes together with a nice, like it's been said before, crunchy sound. I approve x100
  5. Hi, I'm Damileth ((real name's somewhere on my profile or whatever x_x)) I'm not really super new to ocremix, about a few years ago I stumbled upon the godly list/torrent that had over 1000 songs of video game remixs, many I still listen to today... but i've never actually stepped in. Bunch of stuff is going on in my life right now.. and i'm slowly turning back to an old passion of mine that i've unfortantly slipped out of in the past 3-4 years. Music. I'm trying to teahc myself the piano, I need to start playing my sax some more... and I kinda wanna learn the guitar some more, but I just
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