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  1. Hello, I have switched to a DAC from a sound card and I am NEVER going back. I do realize that the encoding of the music on this site will never use the full potential of it; however, I still feel it unmasks a lot of subtlties in the music I never heard (even for songs on this site that I listened to for years now such as DJ Pretzel's 'Hot Flashes Man' remix). I am asking for song reccomendations that would sound great with my DAC. Children of the Monkey Machine's ambient tracks were neat but I also like highly melodic music too. Suggestions? You would know the site's content better than I; I've fallen way behind lol.
  2. This reminds me of the Zion theme from "The Matrix: Reloaded" (especially that drum beat). You can beat match and dub the two songs together and they actually compliment one another nicely.
  3. Even before reading DJ Pretzel's description and this topic for that matter, I could definitely recognize the Daft Punk influences in this song. More specifically, the song "Superheroes" from their "Discovery" album as this song uses a very similar chord pattern. The parts near the end are my favourite because that where it sounds like a Daft Punk song more than ever including the signature synths used in many of their tracks. Great stuff and certainly one of favourite remixes now.
  4. I just had a listen and I really liked the soundtrack. The game looks like a lot of fun too. It's a shame there's no plan for a PC port. I'd buy it for sure if there was (I don't own or really plan on ever owning an Xbox 360 to be honest). Just my opinion, but this seems like the type of game that would sell really well on a digital distribution service like Steam. I know indie titles like Braid did really well there.
  5. I was just recently listening to the remix "Bando alle Seghe'" and the tune sounded extremely familiar to me. Is there a chance that the same music in "Goldrunner" was also used in the game "The Human Race"?. Both were from Rob Hubbard so I wonder if it's likely possible that he used the same song in two different games. If they are, should this same remix be categorized under Goldrunner as well since it can just as much be a Goldrunner remix as a human race one from what hear. You can get the goldrunner theme song here to compare: http://www.zophar.net/nsf/goldrunr.zip (be sure to have an nsf player handy )
  6. Overall, excellent Mix. The beginnig sounded Familliar though. Like when you fall into a hole in Zelda the ocarnia of time where you can buy deku nuts and stuff. I love that theme so. GREAT WORK!!!
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