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  1. I think that coming from you is quite a compliment considering your releases around here. +1 from me too.
  2. yes. this would be superb. Call it 'double shot' for the two axes.
  3. I really identify with what your saying. It almost feels like a lost style of composition in this day the way it stands out. I would even say it lasted into the very early 90s too, this very strident, driving leads and guitars. Its a bit of cheese. But I like cheese. And I like those who like similar cheese. Like that rock organ-sounding thing, and the suspense stuff around 3:00. This is a fun track. :] This mix does lose a bit of direction at the end, but one has to understand the source material when its composed to old shooters/shootemups, whatever you want to call them. The boss is coming up, after all. And I don't get the hate on clean mixes like this. As a musician, being able to perform the original work is a unique endeavor all of its own. People can talk all they want about it just being a cover, but I really feel those who try to isolate it that way aren't seeing the whole picture. As though there is somehow less creativity in performing than composing/mastering. Oh midee? I came around a little late, do you have an updated version of this somewhere else since VGMIX went X_X?
  4. Too bad we haven't heard from Cox in so long, but the winds tell me he's popped back up recently? Pity I'm no pianist... I really like his influences. "Lilt" is the adjective that comes to mind when listening to his pieces. This is a great synthetic symphonic mix. I like 'supa clean' mixes like this that really go after the original work in a faithful way. The flute sample did get a little baked right at the end like some folks have already said, but considering this submission is nearing 9 years old at this point, and its the only negative thing I can come up with, I say download this. And those comparing it to Symphonic Sweet, which is live rendition CD coming up on 20 years old...I don't think a comparison to it is necessary to enjoy this by itself. ..but what do I know.
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