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  1. FYI: ivel, phill, Hoopy, and a bunch of other cronies will votekick you from BLU if you play the game, do not type/say anything, and do not break any rules How embarrassing that I have to call an admin to discipline server regulars to not abuse votekick
  2. First of all, I was hardly indignant over anything. Bent out of shape? I simply asked if we could do something about someone who AFKs, gets kicked for it, and rejoins just to AFK again. I don't see why you wouldn't think that teams being imbalanced because of one person being AFK and filling up a slot is not bothersome. Isn't a fair and even game much more enjoyable than a one-sided one? Maybe it has to do with the fact that you were on the opposite, winning team. As for being angry at me for driving her off, why do you even care? She was AFK and so obviously was not playing the game nor was she even typing or using her mic. That's the equivalent of her not even being in the server in the first place. So really, what did I take away from her leaving 'because of me'? There was actually a martyr born so I would say I added something, not took away. Won't play on the server again just because someone said something about her being AFK? Who's really butthurt here? And where to begin with this whole personal problems excuse? How would I know that she has problems going on in her life when I do not know her? Why would this possibly make AFK-join-AFK any more or less acceptable? Why should she be in a server too distraught to even play? Wouldn't it be better for all parties if she wasn't in the server in the first place? Most importantly, why am I being branded as the asshole when I have not insulted a single person prior and only asked that the person who is AFK simply stop being AFK or leave? I really don't follow your logic at all. Why is the guy who gets called an asshole an asshole for kicking the guy that insulted him? What should Vimk do, take the insult and move on, or call him an asshole back and let it spiral downwards into a shitfest? Kicking a server regular because he was pissed at what you said? Really? He was kicked for calling Vimk an asshole, not for being pissed at what Vimk said. Why is being a server regular even relevant here? Vimk is a regular from 07 and is an admin, surely he deserves more respect than being called an asshole. I think Vimk handled the situation in a cool headed way unlike you nor ivel. And no, do not try to sugarcoat it like she was 'half-AFK'. She did not move as pyro in spawn for 2 map rounds (perhaps even longer). Talk about disproportionately butthurt, I can't believe all this anger and frustration is thrown at me because of one simple request.
  3. yes corruptors counter colossus
  4. i mean the wiki also states that "If a build order classified as Cheese fails, the player using it will usually be far behind in the game," but the player is already behind doing this funky baneling drop and mass infestor strategy anyway. you yourself said the game would have ended if you just scouted it and attacked. even if you scout 2gate proxy, 6pool, 6rax reaper, you don't have the same luxury of being able to compose your army and attack his base since you have to defend against it first i would be skeptical of that page anyway. cheese coming from korean origins? lol
  5. baneling dropping your workers isn't an all-in strategy. it is just a bad strategy. http://wiki.teamliquid.net/starcraft2/Cheese examples of all-in strategies given. notice how they all require tier 1 and not lair and ventral sacs (not early game at all) mass infestors which require lair and infestation pit and infestors which cost 150 gas a pop isnt early game either. again bad strategy
  6. banelings drops on your mineral line and mass infestor isnt cheese cheese is being used way too liberally here ya too many sticky bombs in sc2 for you
  7. between discussion using dustbowl in all examples and direct hit being declared OP, entertaining thread overall
  8. basically aaron used chilli to exact revenge for being mocked like a retard ban aaron small
  9. not true i was there, some late night idiots that ive never seen started making fun of him for not spelling correctly. things spiraled from there into them ganging up on him the only one pressing for a kick was aaron smalls who contacted an admin just because moonpie was making him look dumb. used 'trolling' to get moonpie kicked
  10. the game must be boring for luck to be required to spice it up
  11. casuals love dustbowl and goldrush and 2fort
  12. as for panic i think it is an ok map except that the first two maps are useless (problem with the gameplay element of plr_). and yes it really does clear out the server especially late at night where it'll pretty much mean the death of the server until the next day. panic would be better suited if map3 was the only phase of the map. it's very interesting but of course it is not obvious to everyone that there are two ways to win, not one.
  13. doesn't matter that you're not the only admin present, you're still an admin in the game that has one side rolling the other mentioning regs not scrambling when admins aren't on only begs the question as to why you didn't do anything as an admin present when the game is getting rolled like that. your responsibility as an admin is still there regardless of how many regs are in the game it neither increases nor decreases that responsibility. you shouldn't be mentioning no interest in moderation when you are an admin not scrambling and you instead let it continue happening (never really gave a reason as to why you did this) yes youre trusted with responsibilities as a reg but that doesn't mean everyone should be forced to go on the losing team whenever its losing. one person doesn't make a difference unless they specifically cater to the losing team (what the hell can one or two regulars do when the entire team is made up of 3 spies 2 snipers and no medic?) the core reason as to why one side rolls another like that is not because two people are leading one team, it's because of a bad class composition. one team will not be composed of a stupid amount of snipers, spies, or engies and no medic. this is why scrambling fails and this is why regs shouldn't be held responsible for switching to the losing team and medicing for them when they have no medic. regs might have certain responsibilities but forcing them to play a class that they don't want to and switching sides should not be anywhere near their agenda. the lack of 'responsibility' should instead be applied to your team where none of the players switched to medic (the real reason why blu was rolling red that game), instead of the regs on blu if you guys really want to stamp out rolls i suggest starting with class limits on classes that have diminishing returns (pyros, spies, snipers, etc) but obviously that is not in everyone's interest since you force people to play classes they do not want to. same thing applies here where you're saying some of the winning team's players should switch and medic for the losers because clearly frogg xyael and you on heavy classes is not the reason why you lost
  14. all admins except one are good with scrambles just dont blame regulars for not scrambling if you're an admin scrambling isn't the solution to a roll anyway
  15. no i dont care that teams arent being forcescrambled when one side is getting rolled. i don't care enough to bring up a vote and if one does come up ill vote yes if it is a roll. what i do care is when instead of a scramble people go off and rtv instead and so we get to play dustbowl and pl_badbowl and pl_dustrush over and over i also care when there are admins present that can and should be doing the scramble when the score is 5-0 instead of blaming the regs (wtf?). no one did the !votescramble prob because they saw that there were admins on that were able to do it. why would someone voteban a hacker when there is an admin on that can ban him instead. same thing here
  16. how did you go from uncharged huntsman bodyshots to sniper rifle uncharged shots charged huntsman headshots do a heck of a lot more than a pipe and go faster and go in a straighter line see i can do it too!
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