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  1. Yeah its polished, equalization wise, and it has has a couple cool parts. Gets a little too full nearing the center of the track, being overwhelmed by electronic drum or instrument sounds. The biggest problems, for me, were the bass drum and synthesized soloing. I like electronic, but these features came off a little to rave-like for me. (That's if you don't argue the difference between electronic and rave music.) Seems to me like the sheet music was negotiated over the internet. The end is bad ass though. I wish you would make a theme based off the sound of the last core part of the song. The last change that is purely the main title theme. Sorry if I am a bit critical, the game it is from is probably my all time favorite game, even with all the latest advances in gaming. Also, this was probably my least favorite theme within the whole game. I prefer the Paris Cathedral theme. If someone gets me the sheet music to that or the title theme, I'll remix it up. Myspace.com/conspiraG
  2. This track is just awesome. Yeah it kinda has some emo kid feel to it, but that doesn't diminish the fact that is done well. I wish some of the melodies were a little louder and the bass was a little sub woofer oriented, but this is a style and mood Id like to see much more of on ocremix. Most similar tracks come off as a little too simple rave repetitive beat. This one stays true to the style with the snare drum, but has many ambient drums that just flow each part together and build up to the leading snare... ahhh its great. There is kinda this static orchestra to the whole track caused by maybe compression Idk but it creates a progression and a introduction to each new section of the song which is cool. DOWNLOAD IT. I know I did.
  3. I heard this song and had to add some vocals to it. It sucks writing all your stuff your self, especially when there are people as talented as this guy out there. This song is just perfect, really is, there is not one thing wrong with it. It has a progression like a very classical arrangement. Where it will introduce a melody, deviate away from it, then come back with avengence (a vengence?). IDK, this is the kind of track that will teach geeky kids like myself to dance. You can also headbang to it too if you'd like.... gunna have to add the word headbang to my dictionary here.
  4. I actually had done some vocals for this song. Still sitting on my laptop down in the cellar. This is a good one though. This is the song that you will remember DJ Pretzel for. Check it out NOW.
  5. I've been trying to write lyrics to this song for almost a year... This is a really good track. Just so everyone knows, the youtube preview doesn't do overall sound quality justice. Especially with the bass line. Vigilante has some great really moving riffs in this song, but the leading instruments are always overwhelming for me BUT that could be cause by the fact that I like to write lyrics, so I kinda cant share the space. Still, this song has, many of times, given me chills. Its just a nice groove with the melody and the progression(s). It is all very well done.
  6. I'm going to have to be the heckler on this one. The overall EQ on all the leading instruments is rough. The track in general feels like it lacks reality for being a bluegrass folkie song. The beat is compressed and equed pretty well, but is a bit predictable. I know no one wants to hear me diss Pretzel, but this is the track I have to do it on. Being that he never gets a fair review I'm sure I will be punished for saying all this. Not only is this a style of music few video games will want to use these days, but about the only thing this track is worth is the ambiance music in a country buffet. Ive been listening to your music for a while DJ Pretzel, and this one just does not do it for me. Plus I am a little vindictive about how you didn't respond to my messages on myspace.
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