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  1. Isn't this sort of like asking someone what the hardest riddle they've solved is? Everyone is going to have a different answer because everyone thinks differently. Not everyone is going to have the same difficulty on the same bosses. Now we all know it is down to the Skull-tank thing in S.M.A.S.H TV or that Sheep that just won't leave my town in Animal Crossing. And I am pissed off that she's in my tulip garden.
  2. I love this type of mood music. COTMM have made so many great pieces that I just had to grab them all. They have a fantastic feel about everything the creates tension.
  3. Hands down winner is: The last Boss from Fester's Quest. I used everything in my full arsenal and I still couldn't get him to flash. Not to mention once you lost you had to travel all the way back to begining Runners-up: Mike Tyson and the Head from NARC Honorable Mentions: Ruby Weapon, The Spider from Zomies Ate My Neighbors, Sabertooth from Wolverine (NES), Shao Khan from MK3 on the "Master" path, Great Tiger from Pro Wrestling (NES), And The AIRCRAFT CARRIER OF DOOM from Top Gun.
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