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  1. I uploaded an Audiosurf run of a song once and got a copyright notice over the audio. The only thing that happened (that I'm aware of) is that the video was tagged with the artist's name and the song title. Maybe it has ads for them running, too, though I wouldn't know with Adblock enabled.
  2. Oh I don't mean difficulty-wise; I'm just referring to the (in my opinion) inevitable dumbing down of the game's mechanics. I have yet to see a game on my iPhone with precise-enough controls to pull off what TWEwY did with just about all of the DS's capabilities (and on two screens at once to boot). I can't see how they're going to match that in a way that will even remotely compare to the original, I guess. For the record, though, it was very refreshing to start Pin-collecting on Hard/Ultimate and then have to backtrack on Easy/Normal to complete the drop list.
  3. What possible point could there be to hyping up a casualized version of a game like TWEwY? In my opinion, the only people that will actually get the reference in the first place are the gamers that played or otherwise heard of the original and will therefore be a lot less inclined to get a dumbed-down phone version of it. They'd better bring something good to the table with this, as I'll otherwise be extremely disappointed.
  4. I've personally been favoring Spy when the rest of my team is composed of distance-attackers like Engineer, Sniper, Demoman, and Soldier. Getting up close and collecting money is extremely easy when the bots don't fire at you, and being able to sap priority targets and swarms alike is great. It's also great fun completely disregarding the knife upgrades in favor of Sapper, HP regen, and defenses, which work great with the standard Invisibility Watch. Can't help but think that the Dead Ringer would undoubtedly be more helpful in MvM, but I don't have one due to my adamant refusal to use it in PvP.
  5. All of my hype. I just finished re-playing this a week or so ago and would love to hear news of a sequel or related development. The original is fantastic!
  6. He appears after stabbing two Engineers and the first thing he says is "Gentlemen." Yep.
  7. All of my time in Dungeon Defenders and Left 4 Dead 2 is going to pay off in Team Fortress 2! ...Somehow! Megahyped by the video. Watched it four times already.
  8. No idea, but that finale was amazing. ...and now I want to go back and watch the entire series knowing who Amon is.
  9. Image courtesy of kamikaze, originally from I-don't-know-where-on-the-internet-but-my-god-this-is-amazing.
  10. Could just be that the mask has a voice modulation device in it. They were able to produce cars and electrocution batons/gloves, so why not those as well? That said, I'll just wait and see what the series brings to the table. The last episode was freaking amazing.
  11. I was able to successfully download pl_cashworks_prefinal, but I couldn't join the server while it was on that map. The download finished and then the connection hung on "Retrieving Server Info".
  12. Any realistic shred of credibility this may have had in my mind disappeared when the Blappeture link showed Gabe Newell's face near the end of the audioclip. Still, 'twould be neat if it was true.
  13. I'd join up, but alas, I'll be too busy graduating from college to make it. From what little I played on the server today, it seemed to work splendidly. ...despite the Machina's shot particles inexplicably becoming swarms of giant red X's.
  14. Warnings are, in my opinion, perfectly fine as long as they're issued once. I don't play the game to hear people try to barter their way out of a kick/ban with sideways logic and "borderline" rule interpretation. I can't speak for others, but I feel as if arguments of any kind between admins and "wrongdoers" completely suck the fun out of the game and replace it with needless drama. If someone's warned by an admin--any admin--then I believe that admin should follow through accordingly and immediately if the warned person refuses to comply.
  15. I'd really like to keep the "No sticky-camping opaque spawn doors" rule there as well if possible.
  16. Rock/Flying/Fighting would work as a trio in the same way as Fire/Water/Grass, wouldn't it? Either way, I'm curious as to how these games are going to start.
  17. I personally prefer what I believe was the Beta change of adding half a second to decloak time on top of the "cannot see enemy health". Mini-crits becoming crits would hardly matter if you have the Dead Ringer active, just like the current in-game "downside" doesn't matter at all in the same situation.
  18. I'm sure it's only a matter of time before they start selling apps and mobile games. But that said, Steam Mobile's been a bit buggy on my phone. It hasn't crashed (surprise!), but it's not displaying notifications and I'm fairly sure it changes my status to "offline" whenever I swap networks. It is still quite neat having access to Steam Chat on the go, though.
  19. Good lord, this is fantastic. Thanks for sharing.
  20. ICO and Shadow of the Colossus both hit home for me despite how sparsely their respective storylines' details were scattered. Shadow of the Colossus was especially wonderful to complete given how it ended and ESPECIALLY what was shown in the ending credits. Neither is really an RPG, though, so... Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean This one has an especially wonderful storyline. It also has one of the strangest, most amazing plot twists I've ever seen. Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 This game's story is one of only two at which I've actually cried. The game itself is, incidentally, my favorite game of all time. Odin Sphere This one is rather unique. The game itself is somewhat repetitive, but it does have RPG elements and you are able to play as several different characters in sequence. Each character's story interacts with all the others and creates what I believe is a pretty amazing experience. It looks like almost every other game I'd like to have mentioned has already been mentioned, so there's that.
  21. Sorry about not showing up; a few of us (myself included) were playing on a Terraria server at the time. I'd really like to see more games starting on OCR, but the last time I played on BLU the game rubberbanded like it was nobody's business. More so than it regularly does.
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