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  1. Heads-up: If you disconnect while playing online, an apparent glitch in the system may ban you from the game for upwards of 71,000,000 minutes (apparently over 136 years). Screenshots like this one have been floating around: http://i.imgur.com/0YWQAyA.jpg I don't know if a cause has been determined yet, but you may want to be careful just in case.
  2. I have taken the survey! Out of curiosity, do you know how long it's going to be until we can see the article/results? I'm interested in how each game fared, especially Gen II/HGSS.
  3. No mention of Ikaruga? I've yet to play it myself, but I've heard it's absolutely fantastic. It is a bit of an older game at this point, and although I'm not sure it can run on your laptop, it's on Steam here: http://store.steampowered.com/app/253750
  4. Nintendo has evidently sent out four (4) Smash Bros Demo early-access codes to this past year's Club Nintendo Platinum status members via email. ...but only, apparently, if you had enabled emails from Club Nintendo. Naturally, the whole Club Nintendo site is now so bogged down with traffic that it's practically impossible to change the relevant setting. The public demo will evidently be available on the 19th.
  5. The whole thing looks amazing! I especially love the closeup of the little BLU candy sentry/dispenser/teleporter base in the Spy picture. Nice work.
  6. Is it bad that I didn't even know Greninja could learn Shadow Sneak until that image was posted? Regardless, I'm mostly hyped for the Substitute move shown in the trailer and I'm really not sure why.
  7. Pokémon Bank is now finally out in North America.
  8. I distinctly remember starting a new Golden Sun file and squinting at my old GBA screen long enough to purposefully get to the point where "The Elemental Stars" is played.
  9. You can hit a little button in the bottom-left (I think) of the GTS's main "seeking" screen and it will bring up the option to filter out "Special Pokémon" requests. This doesn't help with the Articuno from what I've seen, but it gets rid of everyone asking for Xerneas and Yveltal. It's quite helpful. Not sure if the patch is required for this to work.
  10. Aeronaut


    They haven't removed anything as far as I could tell, and they did give a lot of biomes their own music. That said, "Rain" music seems to overwrite an awful lot of the surface stuff when it happens.
  11. Aeronaut


    Bumpin' this for the release of update 1.2 last night. They added over new biomes, new NPCs, and over 1,000 new items. It's practically a new game!
  12. I believe they mean that the Sentry Busters will now damage their own teammates (enemy robots). Gamemaster says the explosion's actually pretty powerful, so I'm looking forward to seeing some shenanigans with Über Canteens.
  13. I made it about halfway through this topic before my brain mentally processed "Ben AFFLECK. Right." The other half was spent wondering why the hell Ben Stiller was even considered for the role.
  14. Of the 50(?) or so stock maps that exist, I can name only two, Badwater and Frontier, that were played "just about every night" as of a week or two ago. We play on Harvest, Upward, Thunder Mountain, and several other maps pretty frequently, but unless the crazy resurgence in Degroot Keep you're describing has only happened recently, we hardly play it "every single night". Hell, I'd estimate that the server rolls through about 5-6 maps on a typical night depending on what's played. The only monotony I directly recall with regard to map votes is Frontier magically winning more than I'd care to play it. If map voting doesn't automatically happen at the end of every single map, nominating will only even matter if half the server chooses to RTV off the current map. I don't think we'd see nearly as much abuse of the system if that was the case. As for the "recently played" list of maps that can't be nominated, I'd completely agree with lengthening it enough to prevent the same group of maps from being played over and over, but sometimes everyone just wants to play cplrtf_dustrushbadbowlgoldwater.
  15. I'd totally be on board for the return of a map cycle as long as the "rtv" and "nominate" functionality remained intact. As an alternative suggestion using our current system, I'd enjoy seeing some kind of plugin that would just instantly auto-nominate the next map in the "cycle" and make it the first choice for voting. That way there's always that one choice (and it's the first choice, to boot) that isn't able to be a silly map or something that was "just played".
  16. I converted to the Steampipe Beta last week because my game kept trying to validate itself on launch (a bug with the apparent fix of "reinstall the game"). The startup time and loading in general is greatly reduced. It's great. As for the conversion itself, it took me about an hour to finish it up. The greater part of that was evidently "updating" something in the game, and then I had to redownload a few gigabytes of files. Worth it, though.
  17. cl_first_person_uses_world_model 1 has to be the game's best new console command. Had a bunch of fun messing around with the setting tonight.
  18. Aeronaut


    They're releasing a console version of it some time in the (near?) future, and the main developer has stated that they're working on a huge update for PC as well. I'm looking forward to it, though at this point I don't know if Starbound or the update will get released first.
  19. You can buy and use Reeking Boxes to do just that.
  20. As far as I know, there are free DLC teams you can fight--some of these pit you against pretty damn strong promoted units. You can also grind out your team to make it hell for anyone you happen to Streetpass. ...or do what I did and begin another file with the opposite-gendered player character to see the results. I happened to choose Hard/Classic on both files, but I'm sure others would enjoy raising the difficulty level in subsequent playthroughs as well. I'm also somewhat interested in seeing a lot of support conversations.
  21. The way you phrased it in the review made it sound like no characters obtained from Spotpass, Streetpass, or DLC could Support: "In addition, characters earned through means other than the game itself (SpotPass, StreetPass, and DLC) cannot support at all." Again, this is really minor and I don't honestly think that it in any way detracts from the credibility of the review! I tend to mentally lump free DLC in with other DLC for certain games, this one among them, if I feel/know said content won't be available indefinitely. I've grown to dislike said variety of free DLC largely due to the Pokémon series. Apologies for any confusion!
  22. I find myself agreeing enthusiastically with the vast majority of the review, especially regarding the soundtrack. I'm glad you've chosen Conquest as an example to represent the game's soundtrack, as I feel as if that's one of my favorite tracks. The gameplay is extremely deep in a great way, and I find myself playing through a second time even now just to experience different Supports and unit classes. That said, I'm not a fan of the "DLC" content model, but they really don't make it necessary in any way to use it to complete the game. It's supposedly possible to over-level your own crew using DLC battles, but I never did so during my first playthrough and I enjoyed the game immensely nonetheless. It is definitely possible without DLC, and I encourage those looking for a bit more of a challenge to go for it. As a minor correction to the review itself, there are in fact quite a few DLC characters that can support the player-created unit. You can see their silhouettes by scrolling down to the bottom of said unit's support list. Other than that, fantastic review! In retrospect, I agree that I would have totally bought a 3DS for this game alone. I've beaten it on Hard Classic and I will likely continue to play it for many more hours to come. I felt like I might have missed something, though... Huh. Guess not. Just kidding, he's pictured in the cover art underneath Marth's feet.
  23. I paired my avatar up with Tharja and I regret nothing. Their MAG bonuses made the both of them unstoppable.
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