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  1. Well, looks like we finally know what happened to the Steam forums:
  2. I really don't see why they don't just make the gift like the Mann Co. store's single "Gift". In other words, someone would pick it up and a random person (not necessarily the one who picked it up) would receive the contents. I think this would make everyone happier all around.
  3. You either allow taunt-switching for amusing weapon-taunting shenanigans or you don't. Unless I'm missing something, this is hardly a setting that strikes me as requiring "plans" to change.
  4. Can we set tf_allow_taunt_switch to 1 or 2?
  5. So while surfing The Kilgores' new "Family Jewels" remix of Jewel Temptation (on the new Mega Man 9 album's second disc), I noticed something... http://cloud.steampowered.com/ugc/559793535268306283/7B7AF82B849E5C37E6F9A22415D5C56CFEA620E1/ "I don't notice anything," you might say. http://cloud.steampowered.com/ugc/559793535268308169/44881C57C2C262010A6E7D1D7F3F291F3251D0D8/ See that? It looks like a jewel. Turns out the song's Audiosurf backdrop is FULL OF THEM: Yellow Red Orange Blue Green The Last One This is easily the trippiest thing that's ever happened to me in the game. This remix and most of the others from the new Mega Man 9 album have GREAT Audiosurf runs, by the way. I'd highly recommend giving them all a shot.
  6. "Engineer": HOLY- "Misc": Interest lost.
  7. Before and since then, they've also seen fit to allow players to choose to: Remove all explosive weaponry from the "Demoman", leaving only a melee attack. Remove Overheal from the Medic. Use the Pain Train on CTF maps. Use the Jumper weapons. Suicide by console command at any time. Not build teleporters (or dispensers) at all in the first place. Play a class other than Engineer. With the default loadout being the Teleporter, the Engineer can always choose to build them if the team needs it. Similarly, with the default Medigun having overheal and the default Demoman loadout having explosives, those classes can always be played to those strengths if need be. Likewise, an Engineer can just as well already choose not to lay teleporters, which, in my opinion, is already a very frequent occurrence on smaller maps (usually KOTH). While I understand Team Fortress 2 is a "team" game, nothing's stopping a team from, say, stacking snipers. Nothing's stopping a team from having no medics at all, and more relevantly, no Engineers at all. If I can see a team with Demomen and Medics having neither Bombs nor Overheal (and consequently, no invincibility-granting Übercharge to boot), in other words, I don't see why we couldn't also just as well have a team with Engineers without teleporters. ...and yes, that's probably a bad mentality, but based on Valve's past additions to the game, I'd say it could very well happen. Not saying this is a good trend to follow (though I would personally approve of the bear traps), but it could happen.
  8. Anything containing the image of an Angel is itself an Angel. ...What have you done? D:
  9. Aeronaut


    Been having a blast with this latest update. The above-ground jungle biomes make finding their underground counterparts significantly easier, and the new enemies (and items) especially throw in the odd, unexpected surprise now and then.
  10. Shotgun: "Sorry :(" Bonesaw: "The Rage-Spectator's Wrath" Flamethrower: "Thermodynamics"
  11. Aeronaut

    Portal 2

    It was given away free during the "SteamPlay"/"Steam for Mac" system's beginnings, unless I'm mistaken. It was free for quite some time, too.
  12. Brought back a Mareep from the Dream World. <3 I'm impressed this is already up and running.
  13. This is now my opinion of most other decorative items in TF2.
  14. Strictly speaking, it's a Resurrection Associate Pin. Touché, however.
  15. This has me more confused than angered. I understand that there's an alternate-reality game going on associated with Portal 2, and I really like what they did with the Potato Hat ([Classified]). Modifying that item as a consequence of playing all the games would have been neat, but flat-out presenting the same people that bought the games associated with the ARG with a Portal Two pin? I don't understand Valve's motivation here. I like the mystery surrounding it to be sure, but I feel as if it's not something for which I'd justify spending money on games in which I'm honestly not interested. A bit funny considering that one effectively has to "buy-in" to the ARG to discover these things on their own.
  16. I've typically found that they're set before you actually pick up the Pokéballs/receive them. In HeartGold/SoulSilver the correct place is, unless I am mistaken, right in front of the Pokéballs before you actually pick one. You can then save and soft reset repeatedly right there; if a starter is shiny, it will show up as such before it's even picked. Not sure about the gender, however, but if Black/White does it the same way (which appears to be the case), the place to save is right before you actually pick.
  17. Wouldn't it fit a bit better the other way around, though? RED is typically the "event" or "customs" server (in my eyes, at any rate). I've never liked the "waffle shotguns" feature on either server, so I'd enjoy seeing it "off" on one or both. As for crits, I'd like the idea of having them off by default on one server so long as they could be re-enabled by vote (as unlikely as that might be).
  18. One person complained about it, but he was a complete jerk and started spewing insults at the entire server. I'm fairly certain he was kicked/banned shortly thereafter. Aside from that individual, I don't believe anyone complained. Most were quite content with it. I'd personally love to see (or hear, rather) some kind of OC Remix-micspam night.
  19. Sweet. Been waiting for this for quite a while; hope it doesn't break again.
  20. Yeah. In my case it's a bit of the game either doing that or the reverse (appearing to move me just fine for an instant and then returning me to where I just was).
  21. I've yet to figure out why, but my TF2's started graphically stuttering, rendering itself unplayable, after a few minutes of playing on either of the OCR servers. Strangely enough, this problem doesn't manifest at all if I stay in spectator mode, but it starts off significantly worse if I start playing after having spectated for a while. I'm trying to figure out what's going on, and I've been hearing a few other people having similar/identical issues lately. Anyone know what's up?
  22. I've spotted one foreign-number progression akin to the three legendary birds from the first generation: Deino, Zweilous, and Hydreigon. That aside, there are a few other clever ones, but most of them are really--really--bad (in my opinion, of course).
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