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  1. Yet the video on its page shows it one-shotting a Pyro.
  2. I can confirm that it also one-shots Medics from full health.
  3. So apparently the new weapons require 2 Reclaimed + [insert Other Weapon Here] to craft. Looks like I won't be getting them all for the next year or so unless the drop system decides to treat me fortunately. Way to go, Valve. On that note, however, I abhor the new Demoman melee weapon. Not the strangely-named sword- the other one.
  4. Gunslinger has been changed to effectively allow the Engineer to expedite the entire build process and make all of his buildings somewhat expendable. It's not all that different from the current Gunslinger build, really. Frontier Justice fires slower and reloads slower. It has a larger clip size compared to the current one, yes, but when you exhaust that, your refire rate is horrific. It's also comparatively worse in close combat due to its firing rate, but with the revenge crits mechanic, it encourages one to aim a bit more carefully when unloading said crits. Don't ask me why- I don't know- but having tried it out last night, it seems to work splendidly. Ambassador has been changed into a hand cannon. Tremendous damage, but only one shot per clip and the reload/refire time is enormous. If you hit with that one shot, you will take down pretty much anything at close range (noting, however, that it CANNOT one-shot anything from full health at close range unless it crits), but you're screwed if you miss. I need to remember to remind Gamemaster to nerf it against buildings, though. I believe it can currently take down a minisentry in one hit at range, which is problematic. L'Etranger is now a stealth weapon. You sacrifice firepower in a very large way to gain silent decloaking. Not sure why the lack of disguise kit is there, though. That strikes me as odd, though I could have sworn there was some kind of roundabout reasoning for it. Saharan Spy is, I think, meant to have +10% movement speed bonus (not minus). On a somewhat completely different note, as mentioned in passing above, several of us had the chance to try the mod out last night. It was incredibly fun, but it does need a few tweaks. Offhand, I know Gamemaster will be nerfing the movement speed on Natascha's in-mod incarnation and trying to figure out why the Equalizer has a Shovel kill-icon.
  5. I'll confirm that their sniper was pretty much god-awesomely amazing. That said, he did not carry their team. They know what they're doing and the bulk of their team moves together in a pack (or they communicate locations really, really well). Their Scout will almost constantly attempt to find ways behind enemy lines to pick off lone players (I fell victim to this several times while attempting to re-enter the battlefield from spawn) and their Spy seemed to enjoy targeting me (Engineer) almost exclusively whenever I had gear up. I apologize if that seems like common-sensical advice (which, in retrospect, it may be), but those notes are what stood out most when I played against them as our team's subbed-in Engineer.
  6. So after Powerlord restarted BLU yesterday, some kid came on and started making trade offers in voice chat. As soon as this kid was told that it wasn't a trade server, he claimed that the server (yes, OCRemix BLU) was "his server". Hilariously, Powerlord was on the server as well, and replied immediately to the contrary. The kid left within seconds. I'm not sure what he (the kid) was trying to accomplish, but he wasn't fooling anyone. (The demo of this can be seen here if anyone's interested; the kid joins around the 10-minute mark and almost immediately starts talking like he "owns" the place.) Unfortunately, speaking with Gamemaster about this shortly thereafter brought to light the fact that this may be a common, stupid attempt at trickery (as he's seen it happen recently elsewhere). I really hope this doesn't become a widespread issue.
  7. At this point, I'm honestly wondering whether or not we're going to get the Halloween-themed Artpass Contest map in time for, well, Halloween. For that matter, isn't it about time our paper bag masks started working again as well?
  8. Get bored. Attempt to reverse-engineer all of the Team Fortress 2 weaponry. http://forums.steampowered.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1507540 I had nothing better to do. Brush- that's in Eastern time, correct? I may or may not be able to sub in that match depending entirely on how long it takes to transpire.
  9. All that appears to have happened on my end is a decrease in the displayed number of players from XX/25 to XX/24. When there are 24 players on the server, the server browser reports it as 23. When I try to connect, I am immediately kicked for a slot reservation... same deal as the last time, only it would report 24/25 instead. Interestingly, the server's playercounts differ on the server browser's list ([XX]/24) and the server info itself ([XX+1]/25). I'm not sure what's going on, but I figured it was best to let you know regardless.
  10. Submitted, and with two hours or so to spare! I stand absolutely no chance of winning this. SORRY BONZAI!
  11. I was commanded by bonzai to post this video. If you haven't seen it yet, enjoy; it made me laugh. I can only aspire to be this awesome as a sniper.
  12. ...That is what the Thief Scroll does? Forget Gladiator and Sage, I'm going after that one first! Also, I love this game. I put 105 hours into it before even beating the main storyline.
  13. I may enter this, but please don't expect anything in the ways of serious artistic skill from me. (I cannot draw well. >_>; )
  14. Oh god, that was amazing. EDIT: Oh wow, how the devil did I end up on page 11? Hello, everyone.
  15. As there are no active Admins on my friends list at the moment, I'm posting this here. I've been told that a hacker with this SteamID/information was speedhacking and taking the names of other players to bypass ban attempts on the OCR server: # 120 "A Random Tiger" STEAM_0:1:21106092 04:19 155 0 spawning (Note that this isn't our normal Tiger, but the data I was given.) I was also told that the user "Fuzzy Peaches" was mistakenly banned when the above hacker changed his name to avoid a voteban against himself. Please deal with this accordingly.
  16. Here's confirming that I had the same issue, though I could have sworn that I'd downloaded Hoodoo a while back, when it was first "featured". I wonder what's causing this... Here's the error: "Missing map maps/pl_hoodoo.bsp, disconnecting" In other news, I've begun text-commentating while spectating. Hope everyone's enjoying it.
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