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  1. Did a finished piece of Arlo caught in a snowstorm in the city earlier this year. Tried some new techniques. :P
  2. Holy jebus... I haven't posted here in a year. Welp, I'll throw up a few pieces over that period. Just a few. I've been slaving the comic the whole time. Volume 1 will be done end of summer, early fall.
  3. I don't remix anymore because I draw cats. I'm sure I have a room in hell waiting for me. In all seriousness, I agree more or less with the OP regarding remixes. I haven't made one since 2004 (wow has it been that long?). However, I did end up getting my degree in music and met a lot of great people in the community because of it. I actually found a place to live in Boston because of Vig (Jesse) when I went to school which certainly changed my life forever. YAY OCR!
  4. It pains me to say that my cat Pixel is now no longer with us. She was 4 years old. I’ve lost both my cats I adopted in NYC in the last 18 months due to anemia and leukemia. At least I got answers this time, which helped me get through this experience a bit easier. Pets are our friends and our family. Even though it can hurt like hell going through these experiences, the time we have them is what makes life worth living. Thanks to all my friends and family supporting me through this terrible endeavor, and thanks to my mom for emotional support during the procedure. I’m going to miss you baby girl. However, I also did a little sketch this week of Pixel as her character "Nelly" from the comic, who also happens to be married to Helix (Theo). Nelly was her adopted name from the shelter I got her at.
  5. The detail work in these are incredible! The collage effect and ideas are just a giant visual adventure through each piece! :D
  6. I did a mashup of the comic Lackadaisy with Rick and Morty. These characters are Viktor and Mordecai. Check it out both if you haven't. http://www.lackadaisy.com
  7. Did a bunch of tiny heads of my characters in a Calvin and Hobbes / Winnie the Pooh style, and drew a space fox (not to be confused with Star Fox).
  8. Strip I did earlier in the summer. Testing some things out. Made this for the locations page of the website New Hyperdrive Helix art for upcoming stuff in the comic.
  9. After finishing a large section of the comic, I decided to take a few days break (or week). With that I dabbed around with some ideas and sketches, realizing I always wondered what it would be like if Arlo tried playing Archer in chess. While Arlo is definitely a bright kid, he's no match for Archer's wit and intellect. Archer's job is to think strategy, so chess is second nature to him. Considering Arlo loves to annoy Archer and exploit his OCD, this is a chance for Archer to shine. However, I hope he doesn't get TOO smug since he IS playing a 12 year old after all.
  10. Did a quick detour from the comic and made a quick Enzo drawing for practice. I needed a break anyway.
  11. Shot from the graphic novel. Here's Ivan in a shady penthouse. Something is about to go down (text removed)
  12. Did a quick speed paint of Enzo after a night working on the comic. Couple hours I think. I call this "Nervous Wave"
  13. New character concepts and an Ivan redesign for his upcoming saga in the comic. Mr. Malone concept Ivan Berling sketch for 2017
  14. I lost my cat Helix over the holiday season due to a tragic disease. He died in my arms on Christmas Eve. This was surprisingly more emotionally difficult to do than technically. Helix will live on as Theo in my graphic novel. I will miss him. Video: Story: http://fxscreamer.deviantart.com/journal/Holiday-Greetings-and-a-bit-of-sorrow-653228972 Note: Helix always loved popcorn.
  15. Since I'm drawing these characters more in the upcoming pages of my graphic novel, I took another crack at them. This is Theo and Nelly. They're also based on my real pet cats.
  16. DO YOU WANT TO BUILD A SNOWMAN?.....I mean.....snowcat...I mean, it's snowing. Tried getting into the winter festive spirit. ANIMATED VERSION AT http://cashmeresky.com
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