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  1. This is actually the only version of One-Winged Angel I can say I truly like. Good job, guys.
  2. I'd absolutely love this song if it was simply Jillian. The composition is great and so is the her voice. I can even deal with the first guy's voice, but the deep guy's voice just completely clashes with the mood the song places.
  3. This was a good song. My only complain is how autotune'd the guy's voice is. It sounds much better in the part where the autotune isn't heavy. Most of the vocal mixes on this site are great (and a few just aren't my genre/way too corny for my tastes), and this isn't an exception. Haven't heard the source, though...
  4. I know the tune, but I've never played the game... And the remix... It's just... Wow. I loved it from the second I heard it. Great job! 5/5
  5. 's okay, I guess. Not really anything great to me, but it's good for listening and it's nice to see a mix of a not-so-old game for once. It's relaxing, which I'm sure is what was expected for this remix. And it does an excellent job at it. It doesn't do much more, though... Maybe it's just not my type of thing.
  6. Cool mix. I haven't played the game, but I've heard the OST and it's pretty good. (Mainly because of Shimomura) I don't really have much to say, since I've never been good at picking up patterns with a guitar...
  7. I listened to the source and the mix and I've got to say, this is a childhood game of mine, and this mix really doesn't do it justice. The original manages to sound more epic, more catchy, and has less spots (well, none, in my opinion) that want to make you skip it. It's not a horrible remix, by any chance, but it's not very good when compared to the source.
  8. Wow. This is just... I don't even have any words for this. What made you think to do something like this? It's just amazing. This track gets your attention from beginning to end (albeit, the end lacks a bit compared to the rest). I definitely won't be skipping this track any time soon.
  9. Excellent remix. Short, sweet, and fun. Not much else to say.
  10. I love this mix (Aside from the ending, which I disliked very much). It's so fun, contains so many memories, and expertly remixed. Really, Pokemon music seems to be among the toughest tracks to remix. No one can seem to get the tracks right. Once in a blue moon, people get them right. In my opinion, this is the only Pokemon song on OC that gets it perfect, with the others getting 'em okay. Most Pokemon remixes crash and burn, though, so to be able to remix 'em is a great feat. (I'm not counting arrangements, which for some reason, also tend to crash and burn just as often as remixes.) I also love how you added the PC noises and made them fit perfectly. <3
  11. The title is very amusing. I had a good chuckle out of that. Kirby Canvas Curse has one of my favorite Kirby OSTs and I was wondering why no one remixed it (even though, admittedly, a lot of the songs are from older games). Really, I finally made an account on OC Remix because someone decided to finally remix one of my favorite games (This), even though I've been lurking for roughly two years. As for the track itself, I like it. It's calm, easy on the ears, and you picked a very catchy track. And while I do like it, there isn't much to say aside from that. I want that T-shirt, btw.
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