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  1. Well... Personally, I thought I'd like this mix. It was very nicely done, but there was one very major problem that just, for me, ruined this one. Those drums were on the same channel or something as everything else, because when they go off, everything else dies to sudden quietness, so it's LiKe ThIs WiTh ThE vOlUmE. Makes it very hard to listen to, is incredibly annoying, and distracts from everything else. Still, this one has its virtues. It's a very nice interpretation of the original, and has very nice parts. While towards the middle, the fade-out sounds like the end, and doesn't quite match the rest, it comes back in very nicely. I don't think this one would really work in the game, because it doesn't match the ambience, but I can just see short videos on sections from the game, with this music on the background, as a tribute. It works fairly nicely, if you can get past the volume in and out. Nice speed booster about 3/4 of the way through, maybe progresses a little too slow. This one gets a 6/10 for me. I really liked the piece and what you did with it, but the volume shifts just get to me. I've liked other things bLiNd has done, just not this one.
  2. Well... how to start my critique of this one... Here's as good a point to begin as any. To quote Marmiduke, I think the source wouldn't have sounded near as good, but this one... even with that going on, I'd still pay to hear this. The part at 1:30 was a very, very, very nice touch. I loved that part of it. This one gets a straight 10 from me - I can't find any problems with it. It only gets better with multiple listening-to's. Personally, I think the source had nothing on this mix!AG! How could I possibly forget that landmark stop at 4:31?!? That right there made my day. It fits perfectly, and goes with the rest of the piece. The ending also fit perfectly - no interruption of flow, no discordant sounds, nothing that does not perfectly match the rest of this piece. Personally, even while I'm writing this critique, I'm having a hard time not saying the same things Marmiduke did - he pretty much covered everything that is good in this song. If you are not completely deaf (and possibly even then, watching others dance to this), DOWNLOAD THIS. IT WILL BE ONE OF THE BEST DECISIONS YOU EVER MAKE. 10/10!
  3. Gotta say, I love those arpeggios. Also, the swing rhythm caught me off-guard the first time I heard this one, but not in a bad way - it fits the rest perfectly. This is one of those where the flow of the song goes almost uninterrupted throughout the entire piece. While I've said that, keep in mind the second section, where the strings and other unnamed instruments come in. While that is in the original, it just doesn't seem to quite fit with the first half. It does well on its own, but not in conjuction. Nevertheless, it's still not that bad a fit. I really loved the part at 2:10 - you had a nice lead-in to it, and it was a very nice segment on its own. This one was nicely put together, and is reminiscent of the original (while still proudly declaring its variations) enough that anybody who's played this game, or Metroid Prime, or any other of the Metroid series that has this in it will absolutely LOVE this mix. While a fade-in doesn't really match other songs, or just sounds completely out of place, in here, it actually matches the piece nicely. I liked how you could hear the woodblocks still as the rest faded out - it went together very nicely. Great remixing, Darksworde! 9/10! This is seriously a piece that any lover of music should add to their collection.
  4. Wrong one . The twin to this one has that title...Anyways, for a little critiquing of this song. First off, I'd like to say that this is probably my favorite ReMix of all time. I really don't hear many cons to mention, so I guess I'll just start with listing all the wonderful things about it! Great piano. I love its line, and I wish I had the music to it, although it is repeated enough that someone could probably pretty easily figure it out on the piano. I personally liked the length and such of this song, but people I showed it to (the philistines!) didn't really like it. This is the major downside of this song, which they all pointed out: It repeats a lot. This could get annoying if you didn't enjoy the section it repeats to start with. While there may be some variation, it's not enough to really tell without some serious digging. I liked the strings coming in at 2:48 - it adds some nice variation from the theme that's been looping. Also the three different minor variations on the theme that are looped throughout the entire piece. Also, I have to say - endings are hard. This song, however, managed to NAIL that ending! Great job, Wingless! 9.5/10!
  5. I, surprisingly, actually liked this one. This was surprising to me, because when the beginning came in with just those drums, I was thinking 'Oh, please no... not another with just loud drums. Not a beatbox remix...,' though not in such polite terms. It's one thing I HATE in music - drums drowning out everything else. Also the same with electric guitar and screaming into mikes, but hey. The relaxed tempo and the swing rhythm were very nice, and makes it one of those you can listen without really having to focus on it much. It is mildly repetitive, but then, so it the Tetris theme, the original name of which escapes me. One of the things you did nicely to break that repetition was to add slightly different notes that that bass was doing, which made each part identifiable. All in all, it seemed like a nice piece. The slowdown ending didn't quite match it, and (probably just me) the beginning was waaay too heavy on drums, but I think I'd give this one an 8/10 anyways. Yet another hit by Chthonic!
  6. This is, as rainmanbk said, one of 'those' mixes. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS MIX! And actually, this was the mix that convinced me to join this site finally . One thing I did notice was that while it said that it was a mix of the second stage, it seemed to me, at least in the beginning, that it more resembled the credits music, which incidentally is also a really good song. Anyways, THANK YOU CHTHONIC AND HALCYON (ack, I keep thinking it's spelled 'Halycon')!!!! This is one of those that makes me go back and look up others by these remixers, regardless of whether I've played that game or not. And, incidentally, I find that all the ones they've done in other games I looked up were all ones I thought were good enough to keep, no exceptions. Now to actual critiquing. The intro was nice, with the coming in on those broken chords, and I liked how remniscent it was of the actual music. The slowdown later in the piece was a nice touch, and I also liked the 'background' type synth. As to negatives.... Well, this is one where I actually can't really catch much of anything. The coin sound was a bit annoying as it happened at irregular intervals, and was fairly quiet, making you listen harder for it, but not finding it. I also wish this had lasted longer... it seemed to end too soon, and the ending didn't really match the tone of the rest of the piece. Other than that, great job!
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