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  1. I think this one was my favourite out of a very strong selection. The peaceful opening lulled me in perfectly before hitting me right in the nostalgia spot with the drifting between the Viridian Forest and Cerulean City themes. In particular, I loved the use of Cerulean City, since for some reason that tune always hits me right in the nostalgia spot. I can't really quantify it but over-all, this mix just had a blissful feel to it that resonated with me. Also, I really like what Phonetic Hero's done with the Viridian Forest theme. I almost entirely associate the Viridean Forest theme with sin
  2. This was a really pleasant surprise to pop up on my Facebook today (liking OCR on Facebook - smartest thing I ever did). Some of it was a real trip down nostalgia lane (the tunes I didn't recognise I can only assume came from the later games). I like the concept, and have generally preferred when OCR releases EPs or smaller albums since none of the songs get lost in the sheer size of things, so this tight collection of 9 songs is just about right to my tastes. Whilst I can't say I'd have been able to identify the specific Eeveelution to the specific song without the title's help, the whole al
  3. I've been a long time listener/downloader. I've been a massive fan of OCR for quite a while now. I've had this account for a little while, though I don't think I ever made posts with it [in fact, I've just checked - I registered 2 years ago to enter a contest apparently - so that answers that!]. Still, today I got the Eevee EP and realised I haven't at all integrated myself into a community that I listen to so much. So, I'm Micky. Hi! (resisting the temptation to say "Hey!" massively there) I'm not a musician of any sort. Purely here as a fan of the music posted here. I'm a Uni student. I'm i
  4. Love OverClocked Remix, love Nobuo Uematsu, never heard of Distant Worlds admittedly but I'll give 'em a shot - and um, yeah, entering myself
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