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  1. dang, OCR has had a pretty epic time lately with all these albums, interviews, etc! how awesome! :D Thanks for doing what you do.

  2. your music is awesome!

    and uh.. congrats on teh marry? lol

  3. Well, perhaps I'd just like to say hello. I'm a college student (CS / Psych major) with little remixing experience but a lot of love for OCR. I JUST bought fruity loops and will be picking it up from the post office tomorrow (lol) - maybe i will or maybe I won't submit anything this round, as I do homework and try to figure out how to use FL Studio, but the CMC is such a cool concept to me I'm sure I'll turn out something eventually Keep writing! I actually listen to this stuff godsp3d
  4. [[Woah... first visitor message, really?]]

    You rock! I love your stuff both here and on Flash Flash Revolution - gotta check out your site sometime.

  5. Wow, this one should be fun! *wonders when boxed [academic] copy of FL Studio will come in...*
  6. drugs happened to my page the other night

    if i remember correctly

  7. cool! I like that Kirby mix you did recently... and what DID you do to this page the other night? haha

  8. you visited my page so im visiting yours :)

  9. haha rock on.. By now I'd pretty much decided on everything you just said, including the link in your sig which I happened to spot yesterday Thanks!
  10. I'm w/ Kinslayer - SUPER excited for this project This game was an important one in my childhood.. So this one time, I was slashing up bushes for rupees, for what seemed like an hour. And then I bought a shovel! So this one time, I was digging up dirt for rupees...
  11. Perhaps I'm just not a fan of this kind of trance, but it did seem very long and repetitive. To listen to it as anything other than background music, it'd need to have a lot more variation and be about 1/3 as long. What does "ac nox ad umbras lucem misit" mean?
  12. Looking to buy FL on a budget. Here is a feature comparison of editions: http://flstudio.image-line.com/documents/features.html Which one did you get, and are you glad you did? Also, I wonder what the options are for getting an older version (8 or even 5 - cheap) and buying free upgrades to the modern version. And if an "educational" version is the same software. Thanks!