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  1. Oh Nostalgia. Reminds me of the hours of my childhood I spent playing this game on my Gameboy Pocket. Another great remix Halc. Anyway, I feel like I know that Poke'mon cry... though I can't remember... gah...
  2. Sick remix. When I saw another Metroid Prime remix, I wasn't expecting the title sequence. Overall a great remix. I always love the heavier remixes here, and this is probably the best one I've heard yet. I've always been a fan of acoustic intros to metal songs. Great job, looking forward to hearing more of your work in the future.
  3. I'm all for electronic instruments, but I don't think they can pull off Dixieland very well. Obviously not everyone has a Dixieland band in their garage that they can make play Mario Bros. music at will, and I commend you for making it happen with what you have, but it could be on a whole different level with real instruments.
  4. I really like the part that starts at 1:37. It has a very industrial feel to it; it almost reminds me of Fear Factory from Donkey Kong Country. Overall a very cool and unique remix.
  5. Hi OCRemix forum community people! I'm Metroidfan10, and I'm a fan of Metroid (go figure right?). I've been enjoying mixes from here since 2003, and finally decided to join in the discussion. I might even try to do some remixing of my own. I'm a guitarist, so that would probably be the media I'd use. TTFN, Metroidfan10
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