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  1. L'Etranger now grants +40% cloak duration. Juicy. Other than losing the Saharan bonus and the DR nerf we were told about, the only other change for his items was fixing a Spycicle bug.
  2. The update's here! Patch notes are a mile long, but they're all contained in the blog post. Notably, the big 5 set bonuses (Milkman, etc.) have been removed and replaced with "leave a calling card on your victim," except for the Saharan Spy who gets particle effects when taunting instead. Also the Heavy gets a Gaben cosmetic set.
  3. Yeah, he singlehandedly got every Engineer item banned except for the Jag and...I want to say Southern Hospitality. Some/most of them preemptively after it became clear what kind of shenanigans he got up to. The whole thing was very amusing.
  4. What's the deal with the cards? I got 4 one day when I booted up Steam, and got a fifth shortly after. (Pyro, Demoman, Sniper x2, and Spy)
  5. So I've been back on the server for a while now, but I may as well say "I'm back" for reals. Still on the communal desktop, but the semester's done so I have free time and no longer have grad school to distract me from sending in my laptop to get fixed. Wheee~
  6. Well aren't those some spiffy items. And Attack3 is a pleasant surprise, although I'll have to edit my scripts to accommodate it.
  7. Sorry I haven't been online pretty much at all, but my laptop's power connection thingy has turned out to be pretty loose, so while it's still functional it's out of commission on the grounds that plugging it in doesn't actually register. (Unless the cord is pressed just so, which can't really be maintained at the same time as doing anything else.) I may be able to play occasionally from my friend's desktop, but it'll be intermittent at best.
  8. So I know I said I'd be available this weekend but the raytracing is taking for-freaking-ever and it makes TF2 stutter noticeably when I try to play. Sorry.
  9. I'll be available late at night starting this weekend after finals finish. Chili too once his desktop gets fixed. (It got fried by a lightning strike.)
  10. Can you elaborate? Also, my custom HUD has been giving me some issues recently, most notably causing TF2 to exit on disconnect from server or on mapchange. (At least it doesn't make me verify the files every time I play, thank god.) So if I suddenly vanish while ingame it's probably technical issues on my end.
  11. I was unaware people had issues with your rifle in the first place. It's not like the statues were anything other than a cosmetic effect anyway.
  12. There's an exploit with the Saxxy, where you can transfer the properties of a class's stock melee to any different class, resulting in silliness such as backstabbing Scouts and a Spy that can't backstab but can melee without breaking disguise. This works with any allclass weapon, but the Saxxy is the only such weapon that the Spy can equip.
  13. So apparently there's an anti-Sombrero Steam group now. lolwut?
  14. Hot damn that's some good work. I did what may be laughably called pixel art for a project this semester. Specifically, I had the world's simplest explosion sprite (a solid circle that vanished from within) that I wanted to add a border to. Ended up drawing a 1px border around the outside and inside of each frame, 60 frames total. Never again. tl;dr mad props to kami
  15. Not going to lie, I kept watching to see if I made an appearance.
  16. Normally I'd be able to deliver but my demo recording plugin seems to be on the fritz lately.
  17. I recently got a HUD skin for TF2, and when I was testing it out I noticed that every other shot fired from my gun resulted in a giant sphere of X particles. Is this a recent update bug or was it caused by the new HUD?
  18. Like Sombrero, Lale and I (and some friends) avoided the matchmaking by creating our own server. Then Lale's TF2 crashed, which D/C'd all of us, but it was fun while it lasted. I fully expected Spy to be worthless, but an upgraded Sapper can be quite helpful, and armor piercing for the giants is a definite plus. HP regen + Dead Ringer = glorious. Add some fire resistance and Pyros can't touch you unless you get careless. Was enjoying a net HP gain while running away from one earlier.
  19. All of my hype. I have nothing constructive to add. In unrelated news, I'm mostly done with my move and am now living with Chili and some other friends. Also, does Gray Mann remind anyone else of Spy?
  20. So my internet's been down for most of the past few days and TBH I'm not hopeful it'll stay up now that it's on again. Though I will say that the new Sapper sounds incredibly sexy and I can't wait to get my hands on one. Also according to the Wiki the new Pyro item crits vs. Jarate, Milk, and anyone standing in any amount of water, plus anyone who's dripping with water after coming out of a deep pool. So it's a Bushwacka on steroids.
  21. I believe the exact words used were "Even a dead god still dreams." Very Lovecraftian, from what little I understand of his works. On an unrelated note, remember that creepy-as-fuck area on the derelict Reaper where the scientists impaled themselves on those spikes, and the whole area was set up like an altar? (It's right before the area where Legion snipes a Husk behind you.) I remember getting a cutscene with Shepard and co. observing it and offering commentary, but it hasn't happened again during any of my subsequent playthroughs. Did I just make that cutscene up in my mind or is there a trick to making it play?
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