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  1. On a completely unrelated note goddamn at least I never have to worry about browbeating OCR into not stacking useless classes. If I never see another team with 3 Snipers/Spies again it'll be too soon.
  2. Huh, the strange Dead Ringer sounds fun. Not sure I care enough to hunt one down though. Also my roommate noticed our modem was pretty hot to the touch last night, so he unplugged both it and the router for the last 24 hours. My ping is now quite serviceable and nonrandom, although I did experience an unexpected disconnect once tonight. PROGRESS! If all else fails he's looking into getting a new modem altogether, but IDK if/when that'll happen.
  3. I got the Beta, didn't realize it was out of Beta now. Interesting. Haven't used it much other than to ooh and aah over the shiny and peruse the settings a bit. Only thing I think is really missing is the ability to add people to your friend list, unless you already can and I missed it. EDIT: On an unrelated note, I have determined that my connection woes are the fault of either our router or our ISP. I'm guessing it's the ISP since we had a major snowstorm a couple of weeks ago. That said, the problems started shortly before the snow came in and it's been two weeks since, so idklolbffjill.
  4. For those that care, the Beta got updated today with changes to Tomislav, Sandvich, and the Enforcer. Tomislav lost its fast spinup, so its stats are now silent spinup and -20% rate of fire. Picking up your own Sandvich from the ground merely returns it to you, instead of restoring HP. The Enforcer affects decloak speed instead of cloaking speed and removes the ability to see enemy HP.
  5. Considering the only times I've ever backstabbed a Razorback have been when I simply didn't see it for whatever reason... HELL YES. (Okay, that's a lie, I've done it on purpose a few times for shits and giggles. Half the time they don't even notice.) Name ideas: "Knife Magnet" "Why the hell would you stab this I mean really." (Better as description?) "Single-Use Backstab Rescue Device" "Low-Tech Spy Deterrent" "Target Practice"
  6. I was on the server earlier, but my connection is all sorts of fucked up and I spent a good portion of the time staring at an interactive powerpoint. This is likely an issue on my end, not the server. *grumble*
  7. Glad they finally added crafting recipes. Maybe I can finally get the Pyro/Engineer weapons. The Bombnomicon change is also welcome, but highly unexpected given Valve's recent tendency to go "lol whatever" re: cosmetic effects. Although it did make it hard to use YER.
  8. For my latest irregular rant on the topic of "Oh my god is your average pub really this stupid," I discovered that I am perfectly capable of sneaking up behind people without the benefit of cloak or disguise. As Heavy. On Egypt. I couldn't decide whether to laugh or cry.
  9. Clearly, I've missed out on some juicy drama.
  10. Do I even want to know how the WarioWare mode works?
  11. I can has? I've got a spare Buckaroo's Hat and Medic Mountain Cap. Unrelated: I'm liking Foundry for the most part. There's plenty of ammo, which seems to be a rarity for 5CP maps except Fastlane. Large crates = LOVE. It's pretty hard to push out from the last point once the other team takes the yard outside though. And I've seen mid change hands maybe twice.
  12. So the projectiles don't multihit like the Bison? I was worried they would and end up with stacked Uber/cloak debuffs. Also I totally want that icicle.
  13. ... They actually gave us a (limited) fireproof suit? Wow, color me impressed. I find the thought of Sniper icicles amusing. Also, Foundry is made by Valve? I thought it was a community map for some reason.
  14. So how is Foundry available on the server? Unless I totally misread your earlier post.
  15. Wait, the update already happened? I was under the impression that these were teasers for a megaupdate in the future. (Likely tomorrow, since it's Thursday.)
  16. Right, forgot about that. Also for the record, I hate hate hate the new Engineer gun, but love the wrench.
  17. Blog Update with details on some of the upcoming Christmas items. Engineer: Pomson 6000 (Primary?) Doesn't require ammo. Penetrating projectile. Unreflectable. On hit: Drains 10% Ubercharge, 20% Cloak Eureka Effect (Wrench) Alt Fire: Teleport to spawn Cannot carry buildings Pyro: Phlogistinator (Flamethrower) All fire damage (direct and afterburn?) fills "Mmmph" meter. Activate "Mmmph" to restore HP and force critical hits. No airblast or random crits. Manmelter 3600 ZX (Secondary?) Does not require ammo Unreflectable Grants 1 crit per teammate extinguished by this weapon No random crits Third Degree (Axe) Damage transfers to all players connected via Medigun beams
  18. Merde. (And use [ url=http://www.website.com ]link goes here[ /url ] without the spaces.) Also I love the new topic title.
  19. Oh, I trust the mod, and Powerlord isn't likely to put spyware on the server or anything. It's the rest of the servers out there that I don't trust to make me download Quake sounds or other silliness, and I tend to forget to change my preferences.
  20. Skins, etc. are fine. I'm not sure what the sv_pure settings are though.
  21. Cheers all around. I'll be on later tonight.
  22. I run it using -window -noborder in launch options so Alt+Tab has never been a problem for me. Curious about the rest of the update though.
  23. I saw a video of the Sharp Dresser on Youtube and the animation is depressingly simple. Even taking the weapon out looks a lot like how the Spy folds his hand around the balisong. I'd bet money that someone will eventually put some custom animations for it on FPSBanana.
  24. I do use the SDK a lot, but it's relationship with TF2 updates is...odd. It has its own update schedule, but if TF2 updates I need to run it first before I use the SDK again. Something about making sure everything is where it expects to be.
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