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  1. I can vouch for the quality of M-Audio Delta cards. I have a 24/96 and a Delta 1010 (with the rackmount) You could look into the M-Audio Delta 1010LT, which has a lot more connectivity options for less. However, you can pick up a full Delta 1010 unit, preowned for not too much. Another option is to go for a solid card with less connectivity like the Audiophile 24/96 and then plump for a nice outboard mixer. But of course this means you'd have to get all your levels right in the mixer, and you will only be able to treat your entire mixer output as one audio stream within you DAW I have no o
  2. This was kinda hilarious in a way it shouldn't be. But I kind of liked it. Marks for the balls to do such a short piece in that style The lyrics, I have to say, are weak, but the quality of the vocal sound tells us to accept it as intentional. A strange one for sure
  3. This track is sheer quality, but I can see Crono3of3time's point on the vocal aspect. The vocoder and chopped/stutter effects are excellent and from an effects POV is perfectly implemented, especially 2:46. I loved that bit. I do feel that the quote is excellent and the track is excellent, but together... the subject matter of the lyrics didn't seat well in the mood of the peice overall, which (to me) was fast, tight, dark (but not introspective); the music's more primal than reflective to me, you know it feels aggressive, urgent but also defensive and protective but hey - that's just my take
  4. Probably used multi-band compression? The guitar itself is also given plenty of space in the mix and has a 'soft' sound too, so that helps from the off...
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