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  1. I've already mentioned elsewhere how I love this mix. No complaints from me. The flow felt right, I loved the samples used, and I almost like it more than the original song. I'm hoping to see more Panzer Dragoon remixes in the future, and this is an excellent mix. Good to see more people appreciate PD's music. Now someone make a mix of Zwei's "The Expected Enemy" and I'll die a happy man. Side correction: The "Taskete!!!!" isn't Japanese in the game, and it's not Orta yelling it. It's Evren yelling "DIE!" (There's no "Help me" in the game's script anyway) There's no Japanese in the game's language, it's based mostly on ancient Greek and some Latin.
  2. When I was first hearing this song, it sounded completely awesome, it just sounded perfect. But when we hit 0:24 - 1:18, I found the song extremely painful to listen to. That part felt pretty rushed or changed, and I think it could've been done much better. But after that, everything is fine and great again. The ending I didn't mind too much, but I'm not sure if it was really really needed. Not bad, but I would've preferred a different ending. So if :24-1:18 was changed, if not the ending, this could've been the perfect remix. Despite this, it's still worth a download.
  3. This song pretty much defines what this site is all about. Awesome guitar work, lyrics that actually go with the game concept and sound great, and actually add onto the song, Game Over has made this into something else. Saying "jawdropping" is a gross understatement. Although the drums could use more of a heavier feeling, the song is otherwise flawless. There needs to be more remixes from metal bands. Great great stuff. It should be a crime not to have this.
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