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    Studio Eden productions is an unofficial studio, created by me, that brings anime entertainment for you, the viewers. We produce Anime Music Videos, Fandubs, Radio Plays, online radio, Fanart, Fanfiction, Original Art, Original Fiction, and Music. Check out what we've come out with so far!

    If you have any requests for AMVs, or would even like to join my production studio, please email them to me at kurokimio.chan@gmail.com
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  1. -sighs with contentment- I've listened to this album for the 3rd time today and while I know that you know my long and wordy review is sure to come, I just wanted to express my appreciation of, once again, allowing me to bask in memories from the past once more. My wish for the Sonic OC Remix Trilogy to become reality has finally come true. -fangirls lazily while listening to "Shifting Islands"-
  2. [Part Two Here:] Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles & T.M.N.T. IV: Turtles in Time The Turtles: Go Ninja, Go - Oh. My. God. bLiNd has done it again! As an avid listener of OC Remix from its start back in nearly ten years ago (or is it eleven years now?), I have not been disappointed with any of bLiNd's work when I first stumbled across him. This time is no exception. I am completely amazed from start to finish of this song just how incredible this piece is. NES T.M.N.T. pissed me off so bad because the game was so freaking hard, especially for a girl who hadn't even made it past the 1st
  3. I know that this album has been out for a while and I'm probably late with my review (life has been a pain in the ass). I have been diligent in checking the site as often as I can and looking at all the new stuff. Sorry guys, though I'm just a run of the mill member I feel like my opinion doesn't matter sometimes. XD Okay, I don't know how I would go about splitting this up so I guess I'll go by sections? Oh, and the album art/poster? Holy frackin' shit, it was amazing to look at and I stared at it for half an hour like the horrible fangirl I am. -laughs- Metroid: Samus Aran: The Bounty of a
  4. Okay, first and foremost, I would just like to thank you guys for another great project. Amazing job and I look forward to all other projects you have in the future. I've been keeping tabs with OC Remix since it first opened up in '99 (and yes, I mean back when the download slots were between midnight and 6 in the morning - I can not BEGIN to tell you how many nights I stayed up with my crappy, dial up connection, trying to get these songs back then and it was still a decent size then) and I'm really impressed with how far everyone has come along. Okay, so now with the review right? Xenogears
  5. I can't begin to express just how amazing this song is. I've had it on repeat for the past hour since I was able to download "Humans + Gears" and, needless to say, this is one of the most haunting songs, to me, in the entire game soundtrack. When I first heard it playing the game, I was overtaken with a sort of nostalgic emotion that I didn't understand. All I know is that my heart rate sped up and I could hardly tear my eyes away from the TV screen. The same goes for this song. I'm listening to this and it instantly reminds me of the somber edge the original track had. The glitches, scratche
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