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  1. Zelda goes clubbing! Heard a DJ use this at a party and knew it was OCR scoured the site for it ASAP.
  2. Wouldn't have found OCR if I weren't searching for remixes of battle of olympus music and it couldn't have been done better.
  3. Classic OCR! Reminds me of some of big giant circle's work. Download TONIGHT!
  4. Interesting! Not your normal adrenaline-rush take on remixing, yet just as good of a listen. A meaningful approach playing the mysterious and elegant cards in a hell-fire groove. Definitely a staple Zelda remix for any fan whether you've played the game or not.
  5. Sweet 2 songs later they played it, choir in the background, that nice chromatic line, timely key changes, and Bach Toccatta and Fugue style note repetitions. How cool they would play requests so quickly. Although I don't think they played the whole thing only about 2 minutes.
  6. Cool I requested it and hopefully they'll play it soon. Wow I didn't even know about that website how cool; there is surprisingly more vgm out there than you would think.
  7. Exactly, a wonderful sampling of that song! It's far from the most powerful song (a little on the lighter side) in that game but it definitely hints at the magic the composer put into the game. Dragonlord's mix is great though, I'm constantly amazed at the sheer quality of the sounds I hear on this website.
  8. I like the Electronica samples like Wingless and Big Giant Circles use, so I gues techno/trance/rave? By far the two best songs are 'Dark Hyrule Castle' and 'Cloud Tops', but also 'Mt. Crenel' is like a revamping of 'A Link to the Past' Dark world with better samples! Thats why I like this music so much is those samples are like the bass in Snoop's 'Who am I' only even phatter. Here's the link http://www.zeldauniverse.net/music/zelda-soundtracks/the-minish-cap-ost/ if you haven't heard these songs! Also a cool medley would be to mix up some of the sadder tunes like "Element Sanctuary,' 'Story,' 'Zelda,' 'Elzo's Past' and 'Rescuing Zelda' into some kind of vampish tearjerker like Wingless's MegaMan mix entitled 'Teardrinker.'
  9. Terrible good. A powerful absurd, off the chain Metroid quality vibe. If they ever make a movie they better be calling you for the opener. Whoever is listening to this do your self a favor and check out the vamp at 0:30!
  10. I've been astounded by the Link's Awakening remixes but also by the fact that nobody has remixed The Minish Cap. There are mp3s to listen to on the official Zelda website (www.zeldauniverse.net) and I must say that game PERFECTED Zelda music not to mention it includes themes from all the previous Zelda's so somebody remix it! I would try myself but it would probably wind up as a sad midi-ish waste of space and I'd probably fail a couple of classes in the process.
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