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  1. I really like the laid back style of this mix. Seems like it would fit nicely in a playlist along with some of halc's remixes. And again I'll agree with WillRock's own wording: the clean, crisp production is a joy to listen to.
  2. I'm a big fan of the source, don't know why it hasn't been done more. A really solid metal remix where the production really shines. Really powerful and punchy. I'll agree with the judges that a little bit more variation in the middle would have been nice. I'm not too big a fan of the 8-string djent stylings that dominate the outro, but each to their own.
  3. Simple, enjoyable, head-pumping stuff. A classic Mega Man remix, and one that I'll be listening to a lot. I thought the mix on the YouTube upload sounded a little muddy, but after downloading the MP3 I'd say the production is fantastic!
  4. Such a fun remix! Solid production all around, but in particular the glitch effects are perfect. Not too extreme, they retain some softness and are just so darn fun. Those catchy pop-strings are another highlight. It's not often a song makes me smile so much, hence me finally making my first post.