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  1. in the game sonic adventure 2 battle, you get a radio for the dark garden for chao world. Chao occasionally turn it on, and some of the songs (like the rock ones) are awesome! It would be cool if someone could do a remix with each of the radio songs, like a collection of chao radio tunes! I haven't been able to find the radio music anywhere else...
  2. I picked MP1 up at gamestop a few weeks ago for $4. I was just like "thats a steal" and got it. I'm currently struggling through the phazon mines. I got to level 2 and died. I felt like someone threw a pie... wait, a tomato? at me Is there the theme of the chozo ghost battle? Cause if there isn't that would be cool if someone added one. @ Emunator, I was about to post metroid metal, you beat me to it...
  3. Nope, I was looking for a remix. thank you.
  4. This is an awesome song! This song is how I learned about this site! It is on youtube under the title of "Gerudo Fortress"
  5. I'm new here and I noticed that there isn't much pokemon music. What I have heard so far was pretty good though. I was wondering if anyone could post the champion battle theme from Red, Blue, Yellow, Fire red, and Leaf green. Thanks ! PS. I know this is a little off topic, but how do you choose a custome avatar?
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