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  1. Добрый вечер, Михаил ;) Ещё раз спасибо за предоставление возможности поучаствовать в жизни группы :)

  2. Happy Birthday to OCR from DoD! (Is there a way to download these 15 songs in a single archive, btw?)
  3. It all depends. Is this the only part that's not sequenced? Is there another instrument playing (a part of) the main theme? Did your live part became quantized and lifeless as the result. The "live" rule exist to prevent the submission of full electronic songs, but of course there is always a grey area. Like, the live part can be recorded in parts or punched-in, there can be some processing. As long the song retains some "live" feeling, it's all okay. Common sense is your best friend here.
  4. It's actually a guy from Russia. There were 7 Russian contestants this month, including Mak Eightman (whom I didn't knew before)
  5. Это streifig, администратор DoD. Не знал, что на OCR есть русские музыканты :)

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