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  1. hi, sorry that i post into this thread so late, but i'd like to say something about this. i know that channels that have no connection to vgm, ocremix, remixers or cover channels get friendship invites from ocremix. so, do you guys go around youtube searching for random channels and just send them invites? that looks rather like a bot or crawler system that's doing that, there are systems that extract channel names and then send them invites, and those are prohibited by the youtube terms of use. i guess they changed some stuff and the invite send frequency that worked fine for a long time was
  2. This is amazing, I love how you took a very short track and extracted so much substance out of it that it allowed for a variety of in depth exploration. Great job on this!
  3. Hello, thanks for the quick reply, and I am happy that it is acceptable. Greetings
  4. Hello, in the rules it says: 3. Any incorporation or arrangement of source material not from games (mainstream, classical, etc.) should be extremely limited. So I basically wanted to ask - if a source would imho SCREAM for a certain classical theme to be inserted in way that is a "citation" (quickly bring the theme for rather humorous purposes to show the composer must have thought of this theme, then move away from it), not taking more than 20 seconds in a piece that is around 2-3 minutes, would that be ok? many greetings
  5. This one is INCREDIBLE! I love how you anticipated what this piece could have sounded like if it would have been composed and put into a game 25 years ago. It fits the melody very well! I don't miss any instrumention at all! Great Job!
  6. Hello, thanks for that link! There's a wholy legion of Castlevania CDs out there, wow. As for the composers, that link doesn't really help me, but on the contrary, intensifies the confusion. Let's take Castlevania III, for example. On this page: http://vgmdaily.wordpress.com/2010/01/05/8-bit-mondays-castlevania-iii-prayer-and-beginning-hidenori-maezawa/ it states the composer of 'Beginning' as one Hidenori Maezawa. On OCRemix, it states the composers as Jun Funahashi, Yoshinori Sasaki, Yukie Morimoto And on the link that you provided (e.g., here http://www.squareenixmusic.com/albums/d/dracu
  7. Hello, I'm having a hard time finding out who composed certain tracks, or even finding out who was part of a composing team because I find different information, depending on where I look. I am specifically looking for the composers of the following tracks: Theme of Simon Belmont Death Fair (Castlevania Adventure) Beginning Vampire Killer Bloody Tears Here is what I have found so far from the information available at OCR: Theme of Simon Belmont: Masanori Adachi, Taro Kudou Death Fair: Hidehiro Funauchi, Kazuo Hanzawa, Shigeru Fukutake Beginning: Jun Funahashi, Yoshinori Sasaki, Yukie Morimoto
  8. Hi, So I am thinking of submitting some piano stuff to OCR sometime, and I would like to at least not screw up in regard to the submission guidelines, so I have quite a few questions because I am not sure about some things: First of all, it says that the arrangement must be substantial and original. It counts different instrumentation as a technique for an acceptable arrangement. So, let's say there is a piece from a game, and it is not looped. Would reproducing it on the piano as faithfully as it is possible for me without many more modifcations to the actual musical content count as an accep
  9. guys, in case I wasn't clear in my post above, there IS sheet music. google 8bitgold. follow the first hit. go to photos. go to scores. it's two pages.
  10. Hi! I had been looking for the piano sheets myself after having watched some YouTube videos. In one of the videos, the piano player said that his sheets can be found in his myspace account under the name of 8bitgold. They are in the photos section:) Another remix of this song would be highly appreciated. I really love it. Many greetings
  11. Hello Dhsu! Thanks for the reply! And thanks for that link. In the past, I have more than once tried to convert midi files to sheets, but the result is always a mess that was always far away from how it is supposed to be. Plus, this midi is a different version from the final one. It lacks the entire final passage including the flourish that precedes it. It is definitely interesting to see how this piece evolved. There are some other versions from other pieces on this page as well. Yet I can't do anything with this midi. Thanks for getting back to me, though. Are these two pages (his yahoo show
  12. Hi everyone, this is my first post so please forgive me if this should be out of place, but I didn't want to revive a two year old thread. I am looking for information on the remixer zohar. I found this thread http://ocremix.org/forums/archive/index.php/t-9256.html I am specifically looking for sheets for his Corridors of Time piano solo arrangement, but not as pdf, but as files for any music notation program so that the music can be edited. I recall having seen a file like this for this specific arrangement somewhere on the net, but that was long ago and I can't find it again. He seems to be
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