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  1. this one easilly makes it into my playlist. wow wowow I love the orchestra mixed with the synth. Beautiful remix. not much to say. Theres nothing i can gripe at, and this like someone else said, sounds like it could actually be part of the games soundtrack. on a scale of 1-10... i give this a 9. ^.^
  2. In my opinion people should do more Link's Adventure remixes. Mind peeps... i'm a lurker, and this is only my second post. with that out of the way this remix sounds too low to me. Something needs to be louder in terms of trebel methinks. It doesn't stand out enough. This is something though i might cue up in the background while working on stuff though. I do like the straight forwardness it keeps to the original track. ~poof~
  3. wooo! my first post. my lurking days are over. i have to say, when i first listened to this remix it was kinda lousy i thought. I was thinking, all of that buildup... and nothing. i tried it out again..... and i like it actually. very hollow, much how it should be. the feeling that your not going anywhere.... almost in circles, with the underlying theme trying to peek out. definitely not the best of remixes i've heard here. Could use work... and you definitely have to know where the music came from i think to appreciate it. great game. ~p;xl'z
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