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  1. *just slides in a couple months late his review* @.@ brilliant. loved it. will steal your talent and leave you a mummified shadow of your talented self. ... once i have all the OC Remixers talents... i shall either be unstoppable, or even more insane than i already am.
  2. beautiful, spoon, delicious... wait let me rephrase. beautiful², spoon², delicious². gods i love this. its so a keeper.
  3. apparently i forgot to post my love for this remix the other day. I love the flawless transitions between themes, and how the remix doesn't feel stale in any parts. of course its McVaffe, so the qualities like deliciously there. and my favorite thing, is that the remix seems successed in conveying emotion. it makes me haaaaappy. its just very spoon.
  4. loved it. ^^ perfectly emphasizes my mood today. *plays it again just cause* beautifully done, like the calm.
  5. whoa... probably the best remix i've heard in a long long time. i can't find any faults, nor do i want to. Just christ, the mix between orchestra and techno, and how perfectly everythings blended. This remix is just smooth, and yet another remixer's who's talent i must suck from their brain. @.@;; wow...
  6. thought this was in general amazing. my only crits. everything else was sooooo high quality, that choir just fell flat and gave little meaning to anything, should've just removed it, if it was going to be so "eh" compared to the other instruments. otherwise, spoon remix!
  7. i have a sick love for this track. by far one of the best piano pieces done on the site.
  8. awesome in the beginning. when it was starting to lose my interest it ended. remix job though seeeemed very spoon. think it'd be a nice track to loop and zone out to.
  9. out of all honesty. awesome beat and stylings, beyond well done. not my poison of choice though. ^^; great job though.
  10. i never post here. i only do when i think the remix is something pretty good, or so blatantly horrendous that i want to rip off the ears fo the remixer for remixing a track. that said. this is good and fun, and i'll prolly listen to it in the future. ^_____^ not one of the best remixes on the site by far, but like i said, fun. i particularly like how the lyrics countermelodied each other at points, as well as some parts of the music. but the track was a bit repetitive, and a bit empty. needed more going on. maaaaaaaaan, if you redo the remix one day, even if it was completely different like ya said. i would *so* listen to that. heehee.
  11. giving it a second listen through now. the beginning really bugs the crap out of me. the piano barely gets an intro and the trumpets just cut in like that? sure its merely the first couple seconds, but thats terrible. no offense. okay, i just can't get used to it. too much going on. o.O since i'm the first to complain it can't bug anyone else terribly. but the piano seems to complex to go with the beautiful noise the trumpets are making. i love the trumpet playing so much, and the piano.... isn't simple enough to go with it. >.o dunno. 1:54, everything goes into lounge singer mode. Beautiful right to the end of the song man. the complex piano suddenly sounds in place, but because the trumpets aren't the focus anymore. and even when the focus picks back up to the trumpet, not even remotely complex piano playing in the background, simplistic how it shoulda been in my opinion for the beginning. Edgar and Sabin is my favorite theme in this game(well really coin song, but y'know). but up till 1:54 it just bugs the crap out of me. Specially that intro. >.<; terrible. TERRIBLE! i'd give it 3 and a half out of 5 stars.
  12. i think i posted about this already in the works in progress forum... anywhos! This is one of my favorite remixes on the site. easilly one of the most professional. its already made it on cd's of mine from yer final version. Love the transition to the Zelda theme, its soooooo beautiful. and the ending is perfect too. so erhm. when ya gonna do some more work on that Magus Take 5 remix? >D heehee. ~poof~
  13. narf... what to say.. first i love the track! ^__^ its beautiful. but some of your samples sound muffled, and not quite so good. the wind instrument at the end is very blech. but the mix is excellent. some of the sounds are crystal beautifully great. so it makes for awkward moments in the mix. to have some great, and some blech. overall though. excellent. ~poof!~
  14. i like the track, but..... this remix left an awkward taste in my mouth. part of it is because its almost too straightforward. etc.... but kudos to your taste in music.
  15. one complaint. ONE HUGE COMPLAINT! you started speeding up the tempo at the end. ::grins:: i could easilly listen to another couple minutes of the mix having gone up tempo. but theres always the OC remix cap and stuff. anywhos, very mellow, nice to zone out to. is making my next cd i burn. kudos, two thumbs up. ~poof!~
  16. what can i say except..... i *want* part II, nooooooooooooow man. absolutely incredible.
  17. doody doo. haven't heard the extended version. but these piece... doesn't do well the last 2 minutes in my book. at 4:21, when the epoch shoots off into time i think would've been the perfect ending. the following 2 minutes is all stuff that was repeated. would love to get a hold of that extended version though. though, while that version maybe superior this version, its just too damn long. up to that 4:21 moment, a masterpiece though. Love the voice samples. love the clocks. extremely high quality, definitely get multiple listens, but will prolly cut it down myself before it makes it to a cd. ^^; Kudos to Bison. ~poof!~
  18. i redownloaded this mix after formatting my puter, cause its one of my favorite mixes on the site. and i'm flabbergasted i didn't comment saying how wonderful it was. dang me, daaaaaaaaaaaaang me! ahm, good stuff. >D its going on one of my new cd mixes tomorrow.
  19. easilly *easilly* one of the best mixes on the site. in fact...... i thought this song was a poor choice for the ending credits of the game. but christ..... if they'd used something like this remix for the games end credit sequence? o.O; even the games ending would've been perfect. just..... amazing.
  20. heard this a while ago, and all i can say is...... x.x amaaaazing
  21. 3 thumbs up from me. good stuff. it has a great feel for the area of the game that it pops up. dun see anything wrong with it personally. heehee, it just ended. funny, that didn't *seem* like 3 minutes... which means. its especially good! what... whats everyone looking at me for? ope... ::hides his third hand:: ~poof~
  22. meant to post this the other day. i really like this remix. i went ahead and downloaded 2 and 3 from yer website good remixer sir. and i have to say. #2 is excellent as well. but 3... while good. doesn't keep the same mood of the other two. thumbs down. but for *this* remix. I really like everything about it. 8/10 ^.^
  23. this was okay. i can't bring myself to say excellent. the vocals should be a little louder versus the piano. like...... *-* when she was singing this on the shoutcast last night? *THAT* was perfect. Even if she was being interupted and broke down laughing a couple times. =D but overall. Must Download. =P a shame for anyone who missed the shoutcast too.
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