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  1. heh, i haven't been to this site in a while. its nice to see my favorite musical theme get a most excellent live arrangement. loved the violin. kudos. ^_______^
  2. nummy. love the intro. love the transition. love the metal. Guitar Hero has gotten to me, i wanna play this song. =)
  3. not only am i a huge fan of the game. this remix was amazing. truly captures a bit of the spirit too. i wanna find my copy now wherever that ended up. ^^;
  4. oh my god. this is sick, and so utterly amazing. @_@ just... damn.
  5. i figure, i never posted how much i love this track. also, it deserves a bump. good stuff.
  6. for some reason the main theme of "The Last Starfighter" popped into my head for this remix. the end of it specifically. strange. anywhos, this remix in my opinion was mildly decent. a little too laid back for my tastes though. i like how the all generally changes and such, but.... it just seems to be a buildup without payoff. a half buildup even. something doesn't sit right with me. definitely not my favorite mix by GrayLightning. c'est la vie ~poof~
  7. yay! first opinion! love it. Spoon. delicious sounding, and well worth being here. makes me want a Chrono Trigger movie. i wish they'd do one. *sniff*
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